Why is the Kremlin in no hurry to congratulate Joe Biden?

Gravitas: Russia and China yet to congratulate Joe Biden

Why is the Kremlin in no hurry to congratulate Joe Biden?

Why&# 160; The Kremlin is in no hurry to congratulate Joe&# 160; Biden?&# 160;

Experts – that&# 160; means a pause with the recognition of the results of the presidential elections in the United States for&# 160; prospects for Russian-American relations&# 160;

The Kremlin has decided to refrain from congratulating the elected US President Joe Biden for the time being, explaining this by the desire to wait for the official results of the vote. This was announced on Monday, November 9 by the press secretary of the head of the Russian state Dmitry Peskov.

At the same time, the press secretary recalled that Vladimir Putin had previously promised to show respect for the choice of the American people and expressed his readiness to work with any US president..

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Putin’s silence after Biden’s victory



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At the same time, some pro-Kremlin political scientists and deputies agree that Biden is the worst of the two available options for Russia..

Independent observers also remind that in 2016 Vladimir Putin did not wait for the official announcement of Donald Trump’s victory and rushed to congratulate him on his election the very next day after the elections..

We will remind, earlier Joe Biden promised that, after becoming president, given that if the US intelligence community finds evidence of Russian interference in the 2020 elections, he will do everything for Moscow to “pay the appropriate price for this.” In addition, Biden noted that on the world stage, Russia poses the greatest threat to Americans in terms of undermining American “security and alliances.”.

Leonid Gozman: “This is a demonstration that Putin is not happy with the choice of the American people”

Opposition Russian politician Leonid Gozman believes that the Kremlin’s reluctance to recognize Joe Biden’s victory is due to several reasons. According to him, in any case, such a position looks deliberate, if not demonstrative, especially against the background of the fact that most of the leaders of the countries of the world have already congratulated Biden on his election to the presidency..

“This is a demonstration that Putin is not happy with the choice of the American people,” he said in a commentary to the Russian service of Voice of America. – Whatever the political scientists say in hindsight, Trump was “stylistically” closer and more comprehensible to the Kremlin than Biden. Take, for example, the assertiveness with which the Republican conducted his foreign and domestic policy “.

Obviously, there is also a personal aspect here, suggested Leonid Gozman: “Biden has repeatedly made rather impartial comments about Putin. And the Russian leader is notable for his rancor. In addition, Biden said that he would be quite tough about the policies pursued by Putin. Accordingly, Putin has no illusions about this “.

The relationship between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin really has a long history. Back in 2011, while on a visit to Moscow, Biden advised Putin, who was then prime minister of the Russian Federation, not to run for another presidential term in the interests of the country. On the eve of the 2020 election campaign and during it, Biden also more than once let go of pins against the Russian president: In particular, he warned him that if he became president of the United States, the days of Putin’s “tyranny and attempts to threaten the United States and Eastern Europe would be numbered.”.

Meanwhile, Leonid Gozman believes that Biden’s arrival in the White House will not fundamentally affect the overall context of Russian-American relations. “Because he will pursue a balanced and somewhat more predictable policy towards Russia than his predecessor,” he explained. – In addition, in some ways, the approaches of the Democrats (on the foreign policy agenda) on certain issues more coincide with those of Moscow than those of the Republicans. In particular, this concerns the Iranian nuclear problem “.

The politician also did not rule out that under Biden, the deal with agreements in the field of arms control will be more active and the START-3 Treaty will be prolonged..

Valery Garbuzov: “Washington’s line in the context of relations with Moscow has been defined since 2014

In turn, the director of the Institute for the United States and Canada, Professor Valery Garbuzov, agrees that the nature of Russian-American relations will not change, but he explains it differently. In his opinion, the defining moment here was the bipartisan consensus in Congress on the policy of containing Russia..

Why is the Kremlin in no hurry to congratulate Joe Biden?

“Washington’s line in the context of relations with Moscow has been defined since 2014 (after the annexation of Crimea by Russia), and since then the sanctions spiral has been in effect,” said the interlocutor of the Voice of America. – It was drawn under the Democrat Obama and continued under the Republican Trump. No prerequisites for changing this tradition are foreseen. The sanctions applied to Russia are not reduced, but only accumulated “.

Therefore, Valery Garbuzov is very restrained in his assessment of the prospects for the normalization of relations between Moscow and Washington, even in the context of global security..

“It’s hard to say whether they (the relationship) will get worse or better under Biden,” he says. – Objectively speaking, most of the experts on disarmament and arms control are people who are more attracted to the Democratic Party. So in this direction (I will speak here very carefully) there can be some shifts, which will be expressed by the beginning of at least consultations at the expert level. It is possible. But after the consultations, which are likely to be probing in nature, serious negotiations should begin with the participation of statesmen and foreign ministers. If all this leads to a decision to extend the START-3 treaty, this will be the result “.

But I would not hope that this will happen easily and simply, concluded the director of the Institute for the USA and Canada..

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