White House: Trump “overwhelmingly supports” protest by Republican lawmakers during hearings

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White House: Trump 'overwhelmingly supports' protest by Republican lawmakers during hearings

White House: Trump &# 171; wholeheartedly supports&# 187; protest by Republican legislators during the hearing

A group of Republicans burst into the courtroom, interfering with a closed hearing in an impeachment investigation

White House: Trump 'overwhelmingly supports' protest by Republican lawmakers during hearings

The White House said Thursday that President Donald Trump is “overwhelmingly supportive” of a group of Republican lawmakers who disrupted closed hearings in an impeachment investigation the day before, causing a five-hour delay..

“It was great, and the conclusions were drawn accordingly,” said spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham on one of the president’s favorite programs, Fox. & Friends on Fox News. “I think it showed that the president has full support.”.

Trump has previously called on Republicans to “be tougher” and fight back impeachment attempts. Republican lawmakers burst into the courtroom, although earlier some of them had already gained access to closed-door investigations initiated by Democrats who control the House of Representatives..

Once in the hall, the Republicans expressed outrage at the closed nature of the hearings and demanded the publication of transcripts of the testimony of numerous witnesses who have already appeared in the framework of the investigation..

Congressman Adam Schiff, who leads the investigation, said the transcripts will eventually be released, while other officials say public hearings could begin as early as mid-November. If the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump, the charges will be brought before the Republican-controlled Senate. The likelihood that it will gain the two-thirds of the votes needed to convict and remove the president from office remains low..

Due to the Republican action, hearings were postponed with the participation of an employee of the Ministry of Defense, Laura Cooper, who holds the post of Assistant Minister for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. Subsequently, she nevertheless testified and answered questions within three hours..

“He was pleased to see that,” Grisham said, commenting on Trump’s reaction to what had happened. “He fully supports this initiative, as it should be.”.

Trump in recent days has criticized a few Republicans who have begun to question his behavior in the situation with Ukraine or to express support for the impeachment investigation, calling them “the dregs of society.”.

Grisham spoke out in defense of the president, noting: “The people who oppose him and have worked against him since the day he took office should be called that way … They deserve such harsh expressions.”.

No impeachment hearings are underway Thursday as lawmakers paused in deference to the memory of Congressman Elijah Cummings, who passed away last week. His body is on display for goodbye in the Capitol building, and a funeral will take place on Friday in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland..

White House: Trump 'overwhelmingly supports' protest by Republican lawmakers during hearings

Investigating lawmakers are trying to get information about Trump’s decision to withhold military aid allocated to Ukraine for several months, while he and his aides tried to persuade Kiev to launch politically beneficial investigations. American law prohibits asking foreign states to interfere in elections.

Trump insists that he did not have any agreements with Ukraine on “quid pro quo”, and calls his conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky “flawless”.

Some Democrats have called the testimony of the current head of the US Embassy in Ukraine, William Taylor, who said that Trump personally intervened to demand from Zelenskiy a public statement to open an investigation in exchange for a deal related to military assistance, is particularly incriminating..

As a result, Trump, at the insistence of legislators from both parties, unfrozen aid allocated to Ukraine..

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