White House allows military to use force while guarding border

Military vehicles move outside White House amid protests

White House allows military to use force while guarding border

White House allows military to use force while guarding border

In some cases, soldiers will be allowed to open fire to kill


The Trump administration has allowed military personnel stationed on the US-Mexico border to use force in some cases and, if necessary, open fire to kill.

Pentagon chief Jim Mattis confirmed to reporters on Wednesday that he received an order from the White House, signed by the chief of staff of the presidential administration, John Kelly. The document removes a number of restrictions for the military serving on border protection.

“The President really needed to support the border guards, and last night we received additional instructions that give us the right to take additional measures. We are currently assessing these measures. We’ve already spoken to people from the Department of Homeland Security, ”said Mattis..

The head of the Pentagon added that he would not do anything before discussing the issue with the Minister of Homeland Security Kirsten Nielsen..

“Minimal risk” violence

The New York Times on Wednesday quoted an internal Department of Homeland Security document that said US border guards face “minimal risk of violence” when meeting illegal immigrants..

The order, signed by John Kelly, authorizes the military to take actions necessary to “protect border guards, including the use of force, including opening fire if necessary, disperse crowds, and conduct arrests and searches.” In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Mattis, however, did not dwell on these details while talking to reporters. He clarified that some of the proposed measures, in particular the creation of barriers to disperse crowds and the establishment of a barbed wire fence, will be especially effective and prevent the development of conflict..

US border guards on the Pacific border with Mexico in the Tijuana region

The possibility of military participation in law enforcement (which includes border protection) is likely to be challenged in court. Several acts dating back to the 19th century limit the federal government’s power to use the military to maintain internal law and order..

Mattis clarified that most of the military who were sent to the border with Mexico are not even armed. “There is no violation in this … We remain strictly within the framework of the law,” the minister said. He confirmed that the final word on the use of military force rests with him. “The President has authorized me to make this decision,” added Mattis..

Trump ordered to send about 5.8 thousand soldiers and more than 2 thousand national guards to guard the southern border.

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