US intelligence agencies unveil new National Intelligence Strategy

U.S. intelligence agencies reveal worldwide threats facing globe

US intelligence agencies unveil new National Intelligence Strategy

US intelligence agencies unveil new National Intelligence Strategy

Potential disruptions to funding for intelligence agencies could jeopardize national security


The American intelligence community is trying to plan its development over the next four years. This is not an easy task, given the chaos that is growing around the world, rapidly changing technologies, the weakening of the modern world order, the main role in the preservation of which has traditionally been played by the West, as well as the constant fears of uncertainty about the funding of federal agencies..

All these factors are reflected in the new National Intelligence Strategy, which was presented by the leadership of the intelligence services in the midst of the government shutdown, which has been going on for a month..

Despite the fact that the shutdown has not yet touched the financial interests of the intelligence (all these departments are funded until the end of September), the authors of the new strategy warn: the government’s inability to finance the work of the intelligence services could cause serious damage to national security.

“The continuing uncertainty over the federal budget is hurting the intelligence community’s ability to make informed decisions about the use of resources,” the new strategy says. The authors of the document write that the intelligence community needs to develop ways to quickly redistribute resources “to reduce tax risks, as well as to avoid the cessation of funding for vital programs.”.

Intelligence agencies are currently looking for and developing possible strategies for responding to threats to national security, the scale of which is constantly growing..

“We have faced significant difficulties both within the country and in the world as a whole. In order to operate in today’s turbulent and confusing environment, we must change the way we operate, ”writes Dan Coates, Director of National Intelligence, in the foreword to the new strategy..

US intelligence agencies unveil new National Intelligence Strategy

Attention to cyber attacks

According to intelligence officers, it is necessary to try to ensure maximum transparency in all actions of the special services. This applies in particular to the fight against cybercrime.

If earlier the American authorities for a long time did not openly name the countries or groups that are behind the cyber attacks, then the new strategy focuses on the maximum possible disclosure of this information “to support the protection of vital information networks and critical infrastructure.”.

The document states that the main cyber threats will come not only, as before, from powers such as Russia and China, but also from terrorist and criminal groups, and even from criminals acting alone..

Other threats: technology and space

Some of the threats are related to the development of technology. The authors of the strategy warn that criminals can use as a weapon bio- and nanotechnology, created for use in medicine.

Intelligence leaders have warned of increased competition in outer space, where Russia and China will use a full range of anti-satellite weapons. This could seriously weaken the ability of US intelligence to gather information..

In addition, the intelligence community warns that increased risks from migration, urbanization and climate change, “diminishing the power of governments around the world … will likely lead to further fragmentation in society, setting the stage for radicalization.”.

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