UN: 75th Anniversary of Pandemic

75th Anniversary of UN Charter

UN: 75th Anniversary of Pandemic

UN: 75th Anniversary of Pandemic

Antonio Guterres stressed the need to strengthen international cooperation

On Monday, the United Nations celebrates its 75th anniversary amid the global pandemic and other major challenges that, according to the UN Secretary General, highlight the urgent need to strengthen international cooperation.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the world’s vulnerability. We can only deal with this together, ”said Antonio Guterres. “Today we have too many multilateral problems and too few multilateral solutions.”.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 31 million, and the death toll is more than 960,000..

The anniversary celebration kicks off the annual meeting of world leaders at the UN. However, due to the pandemic, the event is held mainly in a virtual format. In the huge General Assembly Hall, there will be one representative from each country to ensure that social distance is maintained. Heads of State will speak via video link.

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UN: 75th Anniversary of Pandemic

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The UN was created in 1945 after World War II to prevent a new large-scale conflict.

“The Third World War, which many feared so much, was avoided,” Guterres said. – Never in modern history have we lived so many years without a military confrontation between major powers. This is a great achievement that Member States can be proud of and that we must all strive to preserve. “.

He highlighted other UN achievements, including reducing hunger and poverty, helping millions of victims of conflict and disaster, and eradicating disease. But the list of work to be done is huge.

“25 years after the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action, gender inequality remains the most serious human rights problem worldwide,” Guterres said. – A climate catastrophe is imminent. Biodiversity is being destroyed. Poverty is on the rise again. Hatred is spreading. Geopolitical tensions are mounting. Nuclear weapons remain on high alert. Revolutionary technology opened up new opportunities, but also revealed new threats. “.

The United States is the largest sponsor of the organization and hosts its headquarters..

“The scale of the evolution of the UN over the past 75 years is difficult to grasp,” said Cherit Norman Chalet, Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN. “From the first cautious steps of a few world leaders to today’s vast networks of organizations, agencies and functions, the UN has far exceeded the expectations of its founders.”.

The administration of US President Donald Trump often criticizes the UN and has cut funding for a number of organizations, including the World Health Organization and the Human Rights Council..

Chalet stressed that the organization has resisted real reforms for too long and does not provide enough transparency.

“The 75th anniversary of the UN is a good time to ask questions about the strengths and weaknesses of this organization, analyze its failures and learn from them, and celebrate its achievements,” she said..

The UN uses its anniversary year as an occasion for reflection. More than a million people in 80 countries provided feedback in a global survey about the organization and its work.

UN: 75th Anniversary of Pandemic

Nearly 90 percent of respondents said global cooperation is key to solving today’s problems and that the pandemic has made international cooperation more relevant. Nearly three quarters said the UN is “needed” to address global challenges, but they also want the organization to change and innovate..

The General Assembly adopted a declaration on the occasion of the anniversary, which, inter alia, states: “There is no other global organization with the same legitimacy, unifying power and normative influence as the UN. No other global organization gives hope to so many people. “.

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