Trump: We Reaffirm Our Commitment To Combat The Poison Of Anti-Semitism

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Trump: We Reaffirm Our Commitment To Combat The Poison Of Anti-Semitism

Trump: We Reaffirm Our Commitment To Combat The Poison Of Anti-Semitism

Trump issues statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

US President Donald Trump issued a statement on the occasion of the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Holocaust. According to the president, on this day, the world remembers “millions of precious souls who perished as a result of monstrous crimes committed by the Nazi regime.” “We also reaffirm our unwavering commitment to combating the heinous poison of anti-Semitism wherever and how it manifests itself,” the president said in a statement..

Trump said this year’s International Holocaust Remembrance Day is especially important as it marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz camp. “As we mourn those who were abused, tortured or killed in Auschwitz and other concentration and death camps, we also honor heroes who risked their own lives and often sacrificed their lives to help liberate the camps. Their sacrifices helped the forces of freedom gain the upper hand and ensure that these atrocities never happen again, ”the statement said..

“Unfortunately, there are still Jewish men, women and children facing persecution and discrimination today,” the president added. – In order to combat anti-Semitism in the United States, in December 2019, I issued a decree that will help counter racist and anti-Semitic discrimination. We will never tolerate anti-Semitism, and this measure will reinforce my administration’s efforts to create a culture of respect that deeply values ​​the dignity of every human life. “.

“On this day, we call on the world to reflect and try to ensure that we are united in the fight against intolerance and oppression of people of any race, any religion or ethnicity. In order for these terrible crimes against God and humanity never to happen again, we must resolutely tune in to fight evil and repressive regimes with the help of democracy, justice and compassion, which is in the hearts of all Americans, “the president summed up.

Trump: We Reaffirm Our Commitment To Combat The Poison Of Anti-Semitism

On the same day, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement dedicated to preserving the memory of the tragedy of the Holocaust. The document states that in an effort to preserve the Auschwitz and Birkenau memorial so that future generations will never forget what happened here, and in the context of further efforts to eradicate modern forms of anti-Semitism, the Department of State, in cooperation with Congress, intends to provide Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation additional two million dollars.

The statement by the head of the US foreign office clarifies that this amount is in addition to the fifteen million dollars that the US provided to the fund over the five-year period ending in 2018..

“This grant demonstrates our commitment to education, remembrance, dialogue and research related to the Holocaust,” the statement said..

“The United States encourages other countries to join us in supporting the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation. We firmly believe in the responsibility of humankind to honor those who survived the Holocaust, to keep the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and the victims of all other Nazi persecutions, and to combat anti-Semitism and attempts to ignore and revise history. We urge everyone to take proactive steps to ensure that the horrors of the Holocaust do not recur and future crimes against humanity are prevented, ”the US Secretary of State said..

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