Trump visited Georgia to support Republican Senate candidates

President Trump to rally for GOP Senate candidates in Georgia

Trump visited Georgia to support Republican Senate candidates

Trump visited Georgia to support Republican Senate candidates

The second round of the Senate elections in Georgia will take place on January 5

President Donald Trump traveled to southeastern Georgia on Saturday night to rally alongside two Republican senators who will face Democratic rivals in the second round of January’s Senate elections. Election of Senators from Georgia will determine which party will control the Senate at the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Biden won the Georgia presidential election by less than 12,000 votes, with an estimated 5 million residents in the state..

Trump visited Georgia to support Republican Senate candidates

Trump traveled to Georgia as part of his post-election campaign to challenge Biden’s victory in this and other “wavering” states, as well as national election results in general..

The GOP needs one more seat to maintain a majority in the US Senate. Republican David Purdue will compete for a Senate seat with Democrat John Ossoff, while his fellow party member Kelly Leffler will face a serious fight with Democrat Rafael Warnock. In the event that both Republicans lose, the Senate votes will be split equally, and as a result, the Democrats will have an advantage in the form of a casting vote, which will be possessed by Vice President Kamala Harris..

Trump criticized Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp this week for not taking action to “reverse” Secretary of State Raffensperger’s announcement of Biden’s victory. Trump tweeted Tuesday that the Republican governor allowed Georgia to “rig elections.”.

Some Republicans are worried Trump’s appearance in Georgia could reduce voter turnout in the second round of Senate elections.

“Trump’s comments are damaging to the GOP brand,” Republican donor Dan Eberhart told The Associated Press. In his opinion, Trump is “acting in bad faith” instead of supporting Republican control over the Senate.

Alan Abramovitz, professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta, says Trump’s attacks on the integrity of the state’s election results diminish Purdue and Loeffler’s chances of winning the second round..

“The more Trump talks about the presidential election and criticizes the way the vote count was conducted here, the more this problem becomes for the Senate candidates and the more likely it is that it could reduce enthusiasm among part of the electorate,” Abramovitz told Reuters..

However, Josh Holmes, the top adviser to the Republican leader in the Senate in the Senate, Josh Holmes, said in an interview with The Associated Press that Republicans “see no evidence of a lack of enthusiasm (voters) in the Senate races.”.

Vice President Mike Pence is also campaigning in support of Republican senators in Georgia. Pence held a rally in Savannah on Friday; Trump supporters greeted him, chanting “Stop stealing (votes)”.

Former President Barack Obama hosted a virtual event on Friday with Ossoff and Warnock, and Joe Biden promised that he would personally come to Georgia to support the Democratic candidates, but did not give a specific date for his trip..

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