Trump Speaks at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

Watch live: Trump speaks at Faith & Freedom Coalition conference

Trump Speaks at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

Trump spoke at coalition conference &# 171; Faith and Freedom&# 187;

The conference runs from June 26 to June 29 in Washington DC

US President Donald Trump spoke at the opening of the Faith and Freedom coalition conference Wednesday at the Marriott Wardman Park Hote in Washington. This is Trump’s sixth speech at this event and the second during his tenure as president..

Addressing the conference attendees, Trump thanked them for their “voices, time and energy.”.

The President highlighted the achievements of his administration – both in developing the economy and in upholding American values.

At the same time, Trump noted that in 2016, when he, he said, asked the coalition for support, religion in America was under attack..

In this regard, he stressed that his administration has taken historic steps to protect religious freedom..

Trump Speaks at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

Referring to the ongoing political struggle over the issue of women’s right to abortion, the President said that Democrats are increasingly hostile to the “prolife” ideology (emphasizing the need to preserve the fetus (as opposed to the concept that protects a woman’s right to artificial termination of pregnancy).

Trump criticized Democrats for what he described as pushing radical leftists into judicial office. In this regard, he noted the importance of the appointment of two conservative justices – Neil Gorsach and Brett Kavanaugh – to the posts of members of the Supreme Court..

During his speech, the President also dwelled on the problem of illegal immigration and the situation on the border with Mexico. Open Borders Means Crime, Means Human Trafficking, Said Trump, Calling Again for Changing Immigration Laws.

Trump Speaks at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

“It is with joy and pride that we welcome President Trump back to the Path to Majority conference. Regarding the key priorities of believers, President Trump has delivered on his promises, including the confirmation of two Supreme Court justices and more than 100 lower court judges, protecting the sanctity of the unborn life and freedom of religion, pursuing historic criminal law reform and supporting the State of Israel, ” he said. formerly chairman of the coalition, Ralph Reid. “He will receive a warm welcome from thousands of Faith and Freedom activists.”.

“Our members are delighted to welcome President Trump back to the Path to Majority conference,” said Coalition Executive Director Tim Head. “This is our largest conference by number of attendees, and our activists are full of energy and enthusiasm.”.

The conference will run until June 29.

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