Trump discusses security issues with Iraqi prime minister on Thursday

Trump Welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister to White House, Discusses Iran, US Troops

Trump discusses security issues with Iraqi prime minister on Thursday

Trump discusses security issues with Iraqi prime minister on Thursday

Discussion topics include the US military presence in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump receives Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi at the White House for talks on strengthening stability and security in Iraq, as well as the development of the Iraqi economy.

Speaking with reporters ahead of the meeting, the President recalled that many American companies are involved in the work of the Iraqi oil sector..

The President also touched upon the issue of the American military stationed in Iraq. He noted that their numbers are small, but that they are in the country to help it if neighboring Iran decides to do something..

Answering a journalist’s question regarding the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, Trump said that the United States is studying incoming messages and monitoring the development of events..

The President also said that the United States will rebuff countries that will be convicted of paying rewards for the murder of the American military in Afghanistan..

“As we work for economic prosperity and freedom from foreign interference in the internal affairs of (Iraq), improving relations with neighbors is also a critical part of the discussion,” a senior US administration official said earlier..

Recall that there are approximately 5,000 American troops in Iraq, whose task is to conduct anti-terrorist operations and train the Iraqi security forces..

There is no exact timetable for further reductions in the US military presence in Iraq, but the issue is part of the debate as an assessment of Iraq’s security needs and what the US can do about them is underway, an administration official said..

Another subject of discussion is, according to the White House, Iraqi Kurdistan. As the Voice of America interlocutor noted, this is “a critical component of a stable, sovereign Iraq.”.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced an additional $ 204 million in humanitarian aid to Iraq. These funds are intended to help the Iraqi people, Iraqi refugees in the region and the communities that host them..

Al-Kazimi headed the Iraqi government in May this year, at a time when US-Iraqi relations became strained..

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