Trump and Moon Jae In hold talks at White House

WATCH: President Trump meets with South Korean president at White House

Trump and Moon Jae In hold talks at White House

Trump and Moon Jae In hold talks at White House

The main topic of the meeting is efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula

Trump and Moon Jae In hold talks at White House

US President Donald Trump on Thursday receives South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House. The main topic of the talks will be the efforts of both countries to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Earlier, Trump held two summits with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the last of which took place in February and ended unsuccessfully, as the North Korean side insisted on lifting sanctions, and the United States demanded that Pyongyang first renounce nuclear weapons..

Moon Jae In advocates gradual steps towards denuclearization, urging the United States to ease some of the sanctions to give North Korea an incentive to negotiate and take action on its part.

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Presidents of the United States and South Korea meet for the first time since Hanoi summit



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US Senator Corey Gardner said in an interview with the Voice of America Korean Service that he considered it a mistake to make concessions to Kim Jong-un without making tough reciprocal demands..

“I do not support easing pressure until there is denuclearization or concrete steps in this direction,” he said..

Like many other senators we spoke with ahead of the White House talks, Gardner sees US-South Korean relations as a “key component” of denuclearization efforts..

Senator Dan Sullivan noted that North Korea and a number of other countries, including Russia and China, have been trying for decades to sow discord between the United States and South Korea, and that in the current situation, Seoul should not be viewed as a mediator in negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang..

“From my perspective, the most important thing about this meeting is to be seen as a sign that the US and South Korea are working together,” Sullivan said. – I am concerned about one thing: if we consider South Korea as an intermediary, it seems that it occupies a position in the middle. But this is not so, she is with us “.

Senator Jack Reid also notes the great importance of US-South Korean solidarity, as allies can do more together than they can individually..

“Words are not as important as actions,” he says. “I think we need to be consistent and work out a common strategy and goal, demonstrating to North Korea that South Korea and the United States cannot be separated.”.

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