Trump admitted the possibility of negotiations with Pyongyang

Trump on China trade: Sorry, it’s how I negotiate

Trump admitted the possibility of negotiations with Pyongyang

Trump admitted the possibility of negotiations with Pyongyang

The President stressed that, despite the sanctions, many goods from Russia arrive in North Korea.

President Donald Trump said on Monday that the United States, which has recently increased pressure on North Korea over its nuclear and missile programs, is ready to negotiate with Pyongyang, but only if the necessary conditions are met..

Trump also warned that if Pyongyang does not abandon its nuclear and missile ambitions, it could lead to the death of a huge number of people – “in quantities that no one could have imagined.”.

Trump said that a few days ago, the DPRK authorities conveyed through South Korean President Moon Jae-in that they want negotiations with the United States..

“Let’s see what happens,” Trump said about the prospect of negotiations with North Korea.

Voice of America correspondent Steve Herman quotes the opinion of the senior fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations Scott Snyder: “Both Trump and (the head of North Korean intelligence) Kim Jong Chol have expressed their willingness to negotiate. But so far there is no agreement on what the parties are ready to discuss “.

The first meeting of the representatives of the United States and the DPRK will essentially be “a conversation about negotiations, and the only "condition", which must be required is a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests, “said Atlantic Council expert Robert Manning, noting that Pyongyang has not conducted such tests for almost four months..

The Trump administration “does not appear to have any diplomatic strategy other than demanding that they give up nuclear technology,” Manning said. “I am afraid that in terms of diplomacy, the administration is behaving like a dog chasing a car. They will catch up with her, and what next? “

According to the researcher from the National Defense University James Prystup, as a condition for conducting bilateral negotiations, it is necessary to demand that Pyongyang declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests, promise to denuclearize and fulfill the terms of the 1991 Agreement on Reconciliation, Non-Aggression and Exchange with South Korea..

“Any less stringent requirements will mean that we are being led by the nose,” the expert believes, stressing that the only outcome of the negotiations should be denuclearization.

North Korea has repeatedly said its nuclear weapons are non-negotiable.

According to Trump, past US presidents over the past quarter century “should have solved this problem” long before him..

Speaking to governors, Trump criticized the Obama administration, Clinton, and both Bush. According to him, none of them “did anything”, while “then it would have been much easier than it is now.”.

Trump admitted the possibility of negotiations with Pyongyang

At the same time, Trump spoke much warmer about China, which is considered the DPRK’s closest ally. Trump also said that following his administration’s demands, China has made more efforts to address the North Korean issue than ever before..

At the same time, the President noted that, despite the sanctions against Pyongyang, many goods are supplied to North Korea from Russia. “Russia is behaving badly,” the president said, “because Russia gives what China takes away.”.

During a meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, the head of North Korean intelligence, who led his country’s delegation at the closing ceremony of the Olympics, made it clear that Pyongyang is ready to negotiate with Washington..

“We hope that constructive talks will begin between North Korea and the United States when the opportunity is right,” said a spokesman for the South Korean Ministry of Unification..

General Kim at the closing ceremony sat in the same box as the official delegation of the American government, led by Trump’s daughter Ivanka. The delegation also included the commander of the US and UN forces on the Korean Peninsula, US Army General Vincent Brooks.

“There was no interaction with the North Korean delegation. The presence of the American presidential delegation at the closing ceremony was the culmination of a successful trip. We honored the Olympic Games, American athletes and our strong alliance with South Korea, ”said a senior US administration official..

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK issued a warning about the introduction of new sanctions by the United States against Pyongyang.

“As we have stated many times, we will consider all blockades an act of war against us and will never try to stop the United States if they really try to enter into a tough confrontation with us,” said a spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry, quoted by the state news agency TsTAK.

“To counter precisely this kind of US intimidation, we have acquired nuclear weapons, a precious sword of justice, to defend ourselves,” the statement said..

Trump on Friday announced the “largest” package of sanctions against the DPRK and threatened to proceed with a “second phase” if these measures prove to be ineffective.

The sanctions target one individual, 27 companies and 28 ships registered in China and seven other countries, and are aimed at combating illegal trade and supply of goods to the DPRK. Sanctions block assets of companies in the United States and prohibit American citizens from doing business with them.

China on Saturday reacted indignantly to the new sanctions, saying they were counterproductive in ending North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. The Chinese Foreign Ministry also demanded that the United States immediately lift the sanctions “in order to avoid damage to bilateral cooperation in the relevant area.”.

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