Trump administration rejects criticism of its actions amid pandemic

Trump hits back at Obama after criticism | COVID-19 Pandemic US

Trump administration rejects criticism of its actions amid pandemic

Trump administration rejects criticism of its actions amid pandemic

Former President Obama said the epidemic dispelled notions that &# 171; people in power know what they are doing&# 187;

WASHINGTON – US President Donald Trump called his predecessor Barack Obama “incompetent president” after criticizing the current US government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at an online graduation ceremony for college graduates on Saturday, Obama said that “this pandemic has completely and completely debunked the notion that many people in power know what they are doing.” At the same time, the ex-president did not name any names..

Asked for comment on Obama’s words, Trump said Sunday: “He was an incompetent president. That’s all I can say. Extremely incompetent “.

The United States has become the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic: the country has confirmed more than one and a half million cases of the disease and about 90 thousand deaths. Critics blame administration for aggravating the situation by ignoring the severity of the epidemic in the critical first weeks.

Earlier Sunday, US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar denied allegations that the government’s actions did not meet the expectations of the American people..

“It could have been much, much worse,” Azar told CNN.

He said that over the past two months, the US authorities have “been able to flatten the curve” of the incidence to give doctors the ability to cope with the influx of patients in need of care..

Trump tweeted Sunday: “The coronavirus (plague!) Situation is being handled very well medically. And it will be resolved! “

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Upon returning from his Camp David residence outside Washington DC, Trump announced: “We have had many amazing meetings. There has been tremendous progress on many fronts, including in finding a remedy for this terrible plague that has swept our country. “.

On Monday, the president is scheduled to meet again with governors and industry leaders to discuss conditions for opening the country, as well as an uninterrupted supply of food and other goods and services, despite forecasts that 147,000 Americans will die from coronavirus by August..

The quarantine measures threaten to plunge the American economy into recession. Unemployment has already reached historic levels: a quarter of the country’s working-age population has lost their jobs.

Fed chief Jerome Powell said Sunday that job cuts are likely to continue into June. In an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes, Powell said it will take a long time for the economy to recover, and US companies and families will need three to six months of government financial support. He also stressed the importance of preventing new outbreaks for economic recovery..

“If we act thoughtfully and carefully when we open up the economy so that people respect social distancing measures and try to do whatever they can to prevent new outbreaks, then the recovery will start pretty soon,” Powell said..

Minister urged Americans to help each other through social distancing, washing hands and wearing masks.

Most of the 50 US states are beginning to loosen restrictions on business operations while urging residents to maintain a social distance of at least two meters, wear masks and avoid crowds..

However, for millions of Americans tired of sitting within four walls for two months, the opening of bars and restaurants in some states in the Midwest and beaches along the coast has led people to come together and socialize as if the danger of a pandemic was over..

The White House continues to blame China for the global pandemic. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, following Trump, accused China of spreading the virus from Wuhan to Europe and the United States. Trump also accused WHO of sided with China and suspended U.S. contributions to this UN agency..

“Yes, I blame China,” Navarro said on ABC’s This Week program..

According to him, Beijing, “hiding behind a WHO shield, hid the virus from the world for two months.”.

Trump administration rejects criticism of its actions amid pandemic

China and WHO reject charges against them.

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