The Pentagon said it was premature to talk about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

President Donald Trump orders troop withdrawals in Iraq & Afghanistan

The Pentagon announced the 'premature' of talks about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

The Pentagon said it was premature talks about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

The future US military presence in the region cannot be talked about until an agreement is concluded with "The Taliban", say in the Ministry of Defense

The Pentagon said it was 'premature' to talk about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced on Wednesday «premature» talks about the withdrawal of American military units from Afghanistan – at least until the end of the US negotiations with the leadership "Taliban".

«I don’t use the word now “withdrawal of [troops]”, – said Marine General Joseph Dunford during a press briefing at the Pentagon. Defense Secretary Mark Esper attended today’s briefing with Dunford.

Dunford expressed hope that the ceasefire agreement would contribute to «violation of the status quo», necessary to end the 18-year conflict. According to him, any agreement concluded with the Taliban will be accompanied by a number of conditions, the main one of which is the guarantee that Afghanistan does not turn into a haven for international terrorists who are planning attacks against the United States..

«Until we have a better understanding of these conditions, it is premature to talk about how our counterterrorism forces can (or cannot) be represented in Afghanistan [after the withdrawal of troops]», – said Dunford.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper added that the Pentagon is ready to consider all available options.

Possible agreement between the US and "The Taliban" could lead to the withdrawal of thousands of American troops from Afghanistan. Only a small number of military personnel will remain in the country, who will monitor how the Taliban comply with the terms of the treaty..

Representatives "Taliban" argue that the terms of the agreement that is being prepared require their leadership to begin negotiations on a truce with all participants in the Afghan political process, including on the conclusion of peace or on reducing the number of attacks on government forces. In addition, the intra-Afghan talks will discuss the future political governance of the country..

The White House says that "Taliban" will also have to counteract the strengthening of terrorists in Afghanistan from «Al-Qaeda» and participate in the fight against Afghan «branch» terrorist group «Islamic State». Terrorists from «IG» Recently, there have been frequent attacks in Afghanistan, which raises questions about whether the agreement between the US and the Taliban is helping to bring peace to that country. In August «IG» claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack during a wedding in Kabul, which killed more than 80 people and injured more than 160 people, most – civilians.

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