The number of infected in Kiev can reach five percent

Epidemic of hepatitis C virus infection in Ukraine. UCMC, 10.08.2016

The number of infected in Kiev can reach five percent

The number of infected in Kiev can reach five percent&# 160;

The capital of Ukraine has the highest level of PCR testing, said the mayor of Kiev Vitaliy Klitschko&# 160;

KIEV – From the moment of PCR testing, coronavirus infection can be detected in up to five percent of Kiev residents. The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said this on June 15 during an online press conference..

“In Kiev today, the highest rate of PCR testing is more than 85 tests per one hundred thousand city residents. I note that of all tests done to detect coronavirus, no more than five percent are positive. In general, those who get sick are given two tests. The first is to identify the disease, and the second is when the person has clinically recovered, “said Vitaliy Klitschko, according to the Official Portal of Kiev..

As of February 1, 2020, the permanent population of Kiev was more than 2.92 million people. These data are reported by the Main Department of Statistics of the city on the Official Portal of Kiev.

The Ministry of Healthcare reports that the city of Kiev and ten regions were not ready for the transition to the second stage of quarantine by June 15: Vinnytsia, Volyn, Zhytomyr, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lvov, Rivne, Ternopil, Chernigov and Chernivtsi regions of Ukraine.

According to the Center for Public Health, as of June 15, 31,810 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Ukraine, of which 14,253 recovered, 901 died..

Coronavirus in the world

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has published a list of countries that have been allocated to the “red” and “green” zones in terms of the incidence of COVID-19. According to the decision of the government of Ukraine, states with a wide spread of COVID-19 are those in which the number of active cases of the disease is more than forty people per hundred thousand of the population..

Among the most dangerous countries are the USA, Great Britain, Armenia, Belarus, Russia and Spain, according to the Internet edition Ukrainskaya Pravda on June 15. In Ukraine, according to the list, there are only 37 patients per hundred thousand, so it is in the “green” zone.

The number of infected in Kiev can reach five percent

Alarming numbers

According to the director of the Institute of World Politics Evgeniya Magdy, despite the rather strict quarantine restrictions in the capital of Ukraine, presumably, every twentieth inhabitant determined by the test as sick is a rather large indicator.

The number of infected in Kiev can reach five percent

“Perhaps the fact that there are two international airports in Kiev, a large railway station, Kiev is a transport gateway to Ukraine, communication with the regions of the country played a role, and this creates problems. However, five percent of the sick is a rather tough figure, “says Evgeny Magda to the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

He notes that for three months of quarantine restrictions, citizens are tired not only of a lack of information, but also of the inability to receive funding from the state during quarantine measures..

“This figure – five percent – is a blow to the mayor of Klitschko, who demonstrates himself as an adherent of tough measures, however, he was seen last week in a restaurant in the evening, which runs counter to quarantine,” emphasizes Yevgeny Magda.

The political scientist believes that the authorities should focus on the fight against coronavirus in regions where there was a high mobility of the population, flows of labor migrants.

Local government test

Economist Alexey Luponosov believes that the fight against coronavirus has become a test for local authorities.

“If the work was done correctly, then there are no sick people, but in Kiev they did it wrong, if the mayor says that the incidence is growing and quarantine measures are needed. I, being a resident of Kiev, left for Odessa, because it is better here, and the doctors are provided with medicines and costumes. Here, the issue of monitoring the disease occurs in a completely different way. In Kiev, I did not observe that when a hearth was detected, they would work in a chain, ”Aleksey Luponosov says to the correspondent of the Russian service of the Voice of America..

He notes that today it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of whether quarantine has been effectively carried out in the country until today.?

“Panic among the people diminished, but people began to protest against senseless restrictions. For example, in places of public catering, you can stay on summer grounds and until 22:00 hours. And what after this time? Will the coronavirus be more active? ” – notes Alexey Luponosov.

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