The FBI posted ads on social networks seeking Russian-speaking informants

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The FBI posted ads on social networks seeking Russian-speaking informants

The FBI posted ads on social networks seeking Russian-speaking informants

One of the ads is accompanied by a photograph of Vladimir Vysotsky in the image of Gleb Zheglov, the main character of a Soviet militant &# 171; The meeting place cannot be changed&# 187;

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) posted Russian-language announcements on Facebook and Instagram in February offering cooperation for Russian-speaking informants. One of the ads is accompanied by a photograph of Gleb Zheglov, a character in the cult Soviet film “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed”, played by Vladimir Vysotsky. Information about the announcement is posted in the advertising library of the official FBI page on Facebook, the link leads to the official website of the bureau.

According to information published in the advertising library, the announcement was placed on February 24.

“Information provided by the public to the FBI is the most effective means of dealing with threats. If you have information that can help the FBI, please contact us, “- says the text, the link from which leads to the official website of the FBI counterintelligence program in Washington..

“The first priority of the FBI is to protect the national security of the United States of America. Information provided by the public plays an important role in this task. You will be able to transfer information to us in a confidential atmosphere with full confidentiality, “- says the text published on the FBI website.

In total, the FBI launched three Russian-language advertisements in February, which were posted on Facebook and Instagram, RFE / RL reported. An ad with a photograph of Vysotsky in the image of Gleb Zheglov is accompanied by the caption: “The meeting place cannot be changed. We have a lot to talk about. We also love Vysotsky “.

Another cites a modified phrase from the book “12 Chairs”: “The salvation of drowning is the work of the drowning themselves.” The slogan of another announcement: “We are ready to talk. It’s up to you “.

In October 2019, CNN reported that the FBI had placed an advertisement on Facebook for Russian-speaking residents of Washington, offering them cooperation..

Alan Kohler, special agent in charge of the Counterintelligence Program of the Washington FBI Regional Office, commented on this information in an interview with a CNN journalist..

“We note the large number of Russian intelligence officers based in Russian diplomatic missions around the world. They are very active and pose a security threat to the US and our allies … The FBI uses a variety of means to gather information, including the use of sources, “Kohler said, adding that the bureau” will use all legal means available to find informants that can help protect the United States from threats to national security “.

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