Supreme Court upholds Trump’s immigration initiative

Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban

Supreme Court upholds Trump's immigration initiative

Supreme Court upholds Trump’s immigration initiative

US authorities will be able to refuse residence permits to immigrants who may be in public care

The US Supreme Court on Monday set in motion one of President Donald Trump’s toughest immigration initiatives: the administration will now be able to enact a rule to deny residence permits to immigrants who may need government support in the future..

By five votes to four, the court granted the administration’s request to lift the lower court’s ban on the so-called public custody policy while litigation over its legality is ongoing. Immigrant rights advocates call the initiative a “welfare check” to target non-white migrants in the first place.

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Five conservative judges spoke in favor of the administration, two of whom were appointed by Trump. Four Liberal Judges Say They Would Reject Administration Request.

The administration’s initiative was challenged in court by the states of New York, Connecticut and Vermont, as well as the city of New York and several non-profit organizations..

The administration asked the Supreme Court to allow the new rule to go into effect even before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Trump’s appeal against the injunction. The Court of Appeal is considering the case on an expedited basis: the materials must be submitted by February 14, shortly after which the court will hear the arguments of the parties.

The Supreme Court ruling means the new rule could go into effect nationwide, with the exception of Illinois, where a lower court ban is still in effect..

Supreme Court upholds Trump's immigration initiative

And about. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cucinelli welcomed the Supreme Court’s ruling: “The Supreme Court is clearly fed up with these nationwide injunctions imposed by judges who are trying to impose their preferences instead of enforcing the law.”.

It is about what kind of immigrants can get a permanent residence permit – the so-called “green cards”. In accordance with the new policy, factors such as age, education and level of English proficiency will be considered when considering applications. Based on this, immigration authorities will determine if an immigrant can be placed in public care in the future and qualify for benefits such as Medicaid health care or low-income insurance..

The administration insists that this is necessary to make sure that immigrants will be able to support themselves. Critics of the initiative say this will prevent a disproportionate number of low-income immigrants from developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia from obtaining a residence permit..

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