Shooting in Parkland led to a major shift in US political life

President Donald Trump addresses yesterday’s school shooting in Parkland, FL

Shooting in Parkland led to a major shift in US political life

Shooting in Parkland led to a major shift in US political life

In response to the tragedy, a youth movement emerged to tighten gun control

Last year’s Florida school shooting incident spawned a new movement among youth outraged by armed violence and set the stage for a significant shift in American gun control policy..

Thousands of students and protesters began taking to the streets, posting themed hashtags #MoreNever and #No Enough, and mobilizing a new generation of voters.

The candidates were also encouraged. Many of them raised the issue of gun control during last year’s elections and were rewarded with a victory over politicians supported by the National Rifle Association. It helped Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives.

“What we are seeing now is a tectonic shift in our weapons policy,” said Peter Ambler, executive director of the Armed Violence Prevention Center. “These people were not elected in spite of their struggle to tighten gun control. They were chosen because of this struggle. They made it a key element of their platform. “.

The political landscape began to change just days after a former student at a school in Parkland, Florida shot and killed 17 schoolchildren and adults..

Tighter gun controls have been introduced at the state level, including raising the minimum age for buying firearms and introducing a waiting period.

At the federal level, for the first time in modern history, gun control organizations spent more on the 2018 campaign than the NSA. New Democratic House Majority Held First Arms Control Hearing In Decade This Week.

Even in the first two years of Donald Trump’s presidency, when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, discussions on some of the arms industry’s priority changes stalled..

And yet, even with a White House sympathetic president and a majority in the Supreme Court of judges who are considered zealous supporters of the Second Amendment, changes are underway that are likely to have a lasting impact on gun policy..

Shooting in Parkland led to a major shift in US political life

The most notable change occurred in Florida, a state with a long history of firearms acceptance and a strong presence of NSA. State Legislature Raises Minimum Age for Gun Purchases and Introduces a Three-Day Waiting Period.

Shortly before the incident in Parkland, there were two more tragedies with the use of firearms: the bloodiest mass shooting in US history at a concert in Las Vegas, which killed 59 people, and the murder of 26 church members in Texas.

Against the background of these bloody events, the influence of the NSA weakened. Trump instructed the Justice Department to ban the sale of sliding butts – devices that allow imitating automatic weapons.

The NSA also faced a boycott from corporate America, with some financial companies refusing to do business with arms manufacturers, and a number of retailers removing weapons and ammunition from shelves. The investigation into the “Russian case” heightened suspicions that, as part of the interference in the 2016 elections, Russian agents could have tried to act through the NSA..

The NSA blames its financial problems on wealthy anti-gun liberals and the “deceitful” media. Last summer, the organization increased its annual contributions for the second time in two years.

Shooting in Parkland led to a major shift in US political life

The tragedy in Parkland was definitely a turning point, said UCLA professor Adam Winkler. However, he emphasizes that the NSA remains a powerful force that it is too early to write off. “No one has ever made a lot of money betting against NSA before,” he says..

The organization itself has not given any comments yet. However, Eric Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America, recalls that this is not the first time that, after another shooting, the arms industry is predicted to collapse..

“They said that in 2013 after the Sandy Hook school shooting, and they talked about it again last year,” he notes. With the exception of Florida, he said, both states supporting gun rights and opposing states have only strengthened their positions further..

Polls show gun control is not a priority for American voters, he said..

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