Senators offer $ 300 million in annual military aid to Ukraine

U.S. military aid a matter of survival in Ukraine

Senators offer $ 300 million in annual military aid to Ukraine

Senators offer $ 300 million in annual military aid to Ukraine

Military aid to Ukraine was at the center of last year’s impeachment investigation

A group of senators presented a bill providing for the allocation of $ 300 million to Ukraine in annual military funding and other aid.

The bill was presented by members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: the head of the committee, Republican Jim Risch, the leading Democrat on the committee, Democrat Bob Menendez, as well as Republicans Rob Portman and John Barrasso and Democrats Chris Murphy and Gene Shaheen.

The initiative allows for the allocation of up to $ 4 million for the training of Ukrainian officers, obliges the US Department of Defense and the Department of State to prepare a report on the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces and a plan for providing assistance in the field of security, and also provides for the appointment of a new special envoy for Ukraine.

“This law demonstrates to Ukraine and Russia that the United States will support its friend in the democratic transition and in upholding sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Senator Risch. “This bill will strengthen Ukraine’s defenses through military training, equipment and increased diplomatic support from the United States and Europe.”.

Menendez recalled that Ukraine continues to be daily attacked on land, at sea and in cyberspace.

“Helping the people of Ukraine in ensuring security is the right step,” he said. “It promotes our values ​​and is in US national security interests.”.

Senators offer $ 300 million in annual military aid to Ukraine

Hudson Institute expert Richard Weitz notes that the allocation of aid to Ukraine is proof that the White House administration wants to maintain close relations with Kiev..

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Senators propose to provide military assistance to Ukraine for $ 300 million



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“Washington believes that aid programs are effective and close the gaps in Ukraine’s military sphere, as well as help strengthen the country’s defenses. The provision of aid is part of a broader US dialogue on supporting other countries. I agree with the opinion that if Russia gains control over Ukraine, Belarus and other parts of the former USSR, it will pose a more serious threat to the rest of the world, including the national interests of the United States, ”the expert said..

Atlantic Council expert Mark Simakovski believes that the proposed bill indicates bipartisan support for Ukraine. US Senators are also sending a signal to the White House that it is in the US national interest to continue to support Kiev..

“Ukraine is fighting for its survival. And I think that its independence as a sovereign and hopefully Western-oriented state is important to the national interests of the United States. If the US allowed Russian aggression to go unanswered, Moscow would demonstrate to US partners and allies in the region that they are vulnerable to Moscow’s actions. In many ways, we are trying to stop Russia in Ukraine in order to avoid the need to deal with further Russian aggression on the NATO periphery in the future, ”said Mark Simakovski.

We will remind, the issue of the allocation of military assistance to Ukraine was at the center of last year’s House of Representatives investigation on the issue of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Trump accused of obstructing Congress and withholding aid to Ukraine in order to secure an investigation into the son of alleged Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, at a hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate, said that the US Foreign Ministry expects to appoint a new person to the post of US Special Representative for Ukraine, which was held by Kurt Volcker until his resignation in September 2019..

Pompeo also said that the executive branch of government supports the proposal of lawmakers to increase the amount of aid to Ukraine, aimed at supplying weapons..

The US Senate previously approved its version of the draft defense budget for the next fiscal year. According to this document, Ukraine can receive $ 250 million from the US through the military line..

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    Senators offer $ 300 million in annual military aid to Ukraine

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