Senator Rubio: Kremlin’s main interests lie in undermining US interests

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Senator Rubio: Kremlin's main interests lie in undermining US interests

Senator Rubio: Kremlin’s main interests lie in undermining US interests

Prominent Republican Senator also notes the correctness of the foreign policy course of the White House administration

Senator Rubio: Kremlin's main interests lie in undermining US interests

The United States should work with Russia wherever possible, but Moscow’s priority remains undermining American national interests. Any attempts to improve relations with the Kremlin will not change this fundamental fact, says Republican Senator from Florida. Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio).

“If there are places where we can cooperate and work with them (Russians), then we should do it. But I think we also need to recognize that their goal – what helps Putin both internationally and domestically – is to undermine American interests. And no more favorable attitude towards him (Putin) will change that, ”Marco Rubio said on Wednesday, September 23, during an online discussion organized by the Hudson Institute in Washington on US foreign policy..

“I’m not a fan of Vladimir Putin,” added Senator Rubio. “He definitely did harm to our country and its interests around the world. But I think that we must be realistic about who people are in reality, and act as much as possible in the interests of our country “.

President Vladimir Putin is trying to restore Russia’s role on the world stage, but he is not doing this by strengthening his country’s political and economic power, the Republican senator noted: “It (Russia) will not become a great economic power and will not become a great power in the traditional sense. But it can be a spoiler in enough cases to matter. Therefore, we continue to see the presence of [Putin’s Russia] in one place or another. So, whatever we do, we must proceed from this reality “.

At the same time, the senator noted, among a number of areas in which Russia and the United States could cooperate, there may be opposition to the strengthening of China’s influence. Despite the “warm relationship” between Moscow and Beijing, Russians are realizing that they are the “junior partner” in this relationship, he said..

Senator Rubio: Kremlin's main interests lie in undermining US interests

Senator Rubio, who is also a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has expressed support for the foreign policy course of the Trump administration. The senator notes that one of the difficulties of US foreign policy is the need to find a balance between the protection of American values ​​and national interests, “which do not always coincide.” At the same time, despite the fact that today the United States is the most powerful country in the world arena, its influence on the development of other countries is limited..

Marco Rubio also adds that the active involvement of the United States in world events and certain restrictions on what can be achieved, makes the American public need to focus not on foreign policy, but on domestic policy: “This is the period now,” says Senator Rubio … “If you look at what happened in the Middle East, this is a place where the significant power of the United States was of great importance. But it is also a place where the limits of our capabilities became visible again. Our capabilities are limited – not because we are not strong, but because the capabilities of each nation are limited. And it is also where our ideals and our national interests are at stake. “.

“Therefore, I think that for any president, and especially for the current one, it is important to maintain this balance. I would say that especially for the current one, because it challenged many traditional agreements, both around existing alliances and future ones, ”emphasizes Senator Rubio.

“In retrospect, it was a positive step,” he adds. – Because if you, at least, supported the world order that existed from the end of World War II to 2016, then this makes you look back and defend it, because it (this order) was challenged. If you thought that it needs to be reformed, then the current administration has provided a roadmap for this. “.

According to the Senator from the Republican Party, if Donald Trump wins the November presidential election, then during his second presidential term, the US administration will have to systematize its foreign policy, including regarding what NATO should be like in the 21st century, relations with China and [politicians] in the Middle East.

“I think the biggest challenge for Trump’s second presidency will be to structure the instincts he’s already brought into the office,” Senator Rubio said.

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