Senator Portman: Ukraine is ready to “write a new chapter in its long history”

Ohio Senator Rob Portman says he will not seek re-election

Senator Portman: Ukraine is ready to 'write a new chapter in its long history'

Senator Portman: Ukraine is ready &# 171; write a new chapter in its long history&# 187;

Republican legislator shared his impressions of Zelensky with colleagues

US Republican Senator Rob Portman, co-chairman of the Ukrainian Caucus in Congress, believes that Ukraine is ready to “write a new chapter in its long history,” and new President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is “smart, charming and determined.”.

Portman praises new Ukrainian leader after visit to Kiev, where he met with Zelenskiy and other officials.

“I can report to my colleagues that I returned from a meeting with President Zelensky very impressed. I’m encouraged, ”he said, speaking in the Senate. – We talked for an hour and touched upon a wide range of topics. He is smart, charming and decisive “.

According to Portman, he and Zelensky discussed Russian aggression in Crimea and the Donbas region..

“He spoke openly about the courage of his troops, but also about their needs, in terms of weapons systems and basic conditions,” said the senator. “We talked about Russian propaganda along the eastern border and attempts to jam Ukrainian TV signals in order to sow discord among Donbass residents. We discussed some ideas that could help counter this propaganda, jamming signals and spreading disinformation. I have already talked about these ideas with the Department of State “.

Senator Portman: Ukraine is ready to 'write a new chapter in its long history'

Portman added that he and Zelensky also discussed the fate of 24 Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia last November in the Kerch Strait..

“I promised President Zelenskiy to do everything in the Senate’s power to keep the fate of these 24 sailors in the spotlight until the crisis is resolved,” the senator said..

Zelensky and Portman also discussed reforms in Ukraine.

“He understands that this is the only way forward and, frankly, an important element of the partnership between the United States and Ukraine, and in terms of legislation, it is also a condition for future military assistance on our part,” Portman said..

“So, colleagues, I returned from this short trip to Ukraine full of hope. Hope that Ukraine is ready to write a new chapter in its long history, and this will be a chapter about freedom, government and society that serve for the good of all citizens, the senator summed up. “And the United States of America must remain a good friend and ally along the way.”.

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