Robert Mueller testified before Congress

WATCH: Mueller’s full testimony before the House Intelligence Committee

Robert Mueller testified before Congress

Robert Mueller testified before Congress

Focus on Russian interference in the 2016 elections and possible obstruction of justice by the President

On Wednesday in Washington, former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller testifies on two congressional committees about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to help Donald Trump win, and whether President Trump’s obstruction of justice has taken place to thwart an investigation that led by Müller.

For Trump, a former New York real estate tycoon who is now looking to secure his re-election for a new term, the stakes are high..

As Trump said earlier, he will either not watch the five-hour hearings with Mueller on television at all, or will only watch fragments of them. Trump insists that the current hearing is simply a colossal waste of time and that he is not guilty of collusion with the Russians or of interfering with the investigation, which was led by Mueller..

However, judging by the president’s tweets, he is at least following the reaction of observers to the hearings with participation in Mueller. In the morning, the president has already published several of his own tweets, calling the former special prosecutor “completely confused” and thanking the Democrats for holding the hearings, which once again emphasized the obvious: “there was no interference, no attempts to obstruct justice,” the president wrote..

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Hearings before the Legal Committee

“Your career is an example of responsibility,” said chairman of the committee, Jerrold Nadler, who opened the hearings in the Legal Committee, addressing Mueller..

Nadler thanks Robert Mueller for attending the hearing.

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Muller under &# 171; cross fire&# 187; in Congress



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In his opening remarks, Republican Congressman Doug Collins stated that President Trump’s negative attitude towards the Russian investigation is understandable..

He also stated that the current hearing was very late..

Addressing lawmakers, Robert Mueller recalled that he was tasked with investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections and, in particular, the actions of 12 Russian intelligence officers who were later found guilty..

Müller stressed that Russia carried out systematic interference in the elections.

Referring to the nature of his speech, Müller noted that it is unusual for a special prosecutor to speak publicly about his investigation..

He stated that he would not be able to cover a number of issues in his speech, in particular, the beginning of an investigation of a number of aspects of the Trump campaign by the Federal Bureau of Investigation..

Mueller stated that throughout his career he faced a number of challenges to American democracy and that Russian interference in the American presidential election was the most serious of them..

When Jerrold Nadler asked whether the investigation concluded that the president was fully acquitted in the matter of possible obstruction of justice on his part, Mueller replied in the negative..

“Have you completely acquitted the president?” Nadler asked. “No,” Mueller replied. “The President has not been cleared of suspicion in connection with the actions that he allegedly committed.”.

At the same time, answering Collins’ question, Mueller said that the investigation did not reveal sufficient grounds to accuse Trump or his campaign headquarters of collusion with Russia..

Mueller said his team spent a year trying to negotiate for Trump to personally answer questions, but he only agreed to do so in writing..

Answering 65 questions asked to him, Trump wrote in 30 cases that he did not remember the events in question..

At the same time, the former special prosecutor stressed that charges cannot be brought against the current president..

Mueller said his team did not “make calculations” as to whether it was possible to press charges against the president..

However, he acknowledged that charges could be brought against others..

Mueller later replied in the affirmative to the question of whether it is possible to bring charges against the president after he leaves office..

. Republican Ken Buck asked Mueller, “Do you think he did … that you could accuse the President of the United States of obstructing justice after he leaves office?” Müller replied: “Yes”.

Answering questions from lawmakers, Mueller, in particular, noted the role of the former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in contacts with the Russian side..

During the discussion, the former special prosecutor admitted that President Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the self-removal of the former head of the Justice Department, Jeff Sessions, from overseeing the Russian investigation..

Referring to the fate of the former employee of the Mueller team, Peter Strok, the former special prosecutor noted that he was not aware of the latter’s negative attitude towards Trump, but upon learning about him, he immediately made an administrative decision regarding Strok..

Asked why President Trump wanted to fire the Special Prosecutor, Mueller said that the answer to this question is contained in the report he submitted..

Mueller Confirms Legislative Evidence of President Trump’s Backlash to Dismissal of the Special Prosecutor’s Investigation.

Referring again to the issue of possible charges against the president, the former special prosecutor agreed that such charges could be brought against the president after the expiration of his term in office..

Answering the question of whether Attorney General Barr made any inaccuracies when presenting the results of Mueller’s report on the results of the investigation, the former special prosecutor said that the letter he had previously sent to the head of the Justice Department speaks for itself..

In response to a question asked about Donald Tampa’s awareness during the election campaign about incriminating information about political opponents related to the activities of the WikiLeaks website, Mueller said that enough was said about this in his report.

Republican Congressman James Sensebrenner criticized the special attorney for continuing the investigation, even though he knew Trump could not be charged, although Mueller said it was allowed under DOJ rules..

Mueller gave monosyllabic answers to many of the questions, emphasizing that he adheres to the conclusions set out in the report. At some point, he said: “I am again referring to the text of the report”, refusing to provide further analysis.

Robert Mueller testified before Congress

Mueller declined to discuss why some individuals associated with the “Russian investigation” were charged and some were not. He also did not talk about his disagreements with Attorney General William Barr about the characteristics of the report, which he made before the publication of the text..

Democrats argued that Trump was trying to obstruct justice. Republicans insisted that the report completely removes suspicion from the president, and also stressed that the investigation was based on dubious information. Müller has stated on several occasions that the origins of the investigation were “outside his purview.”.

Robert Mueller testified before Congress

Nadler and other Democrats gave much praise to Mueller and throughout the meeting tried to draw attention to the most incriminating circumstances mentioned in the report. Müller was accompanied by his senior assistant, Aaron Zebli..

The Judiciary Committee hearings lasted three and a half hours, and at the conclusion of the hearing, White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said that the last three hours were an epic shame for Democrats and that more should be expected this afternoon.

In answering the questions of the congressmen, the former special prosecutor, in particular, stressed that, when hiring specialists for work in his team, he was always guided only by the professional qualities of the candidates and never by their party and political predilections..

Intelligence Committee Hearings

Hearings opened this afternoon at the House Intelligence Committee – also featuring Robert Mueller, accompanied by Aaron Zebly.

Opening the hearings, the head of the committee, Adam Schiff, spoke about the alleged contacts of a number of Trump’s associates with representatives of Russia..

Schiff also mentioned that President Trump qualified the “Russian investigation” as a witch hunt..

“It was not a witch hunt,” said Müller..

Members of the Intelligence Committee asked the former special prosecutor to share his findings regarding Russian interference in the elections.

At the same time, the highest-ranking Republican on the committee, Devin Nunez, criticized the Russian investigation as, in his opinion, politically tendentious..

According to Nunez, there was a collusion of the Democrats with Russia.

As in the course of previous hearings, Robert Mueller emphasized the seriousness of the problems associated with Russian interference in political processes in the United States..

Asked by Adam Schiff whether Trump’s campaign headquarters welcomed offers of help in the election campaign from a number of Russians, Mueller replied in the affirmative..

Asked if Flynn, Manafort, and Papadopoulos lied to American officials, the former special prosecutor also responded in the affirmative..

Answering a question from Congresswoman Jackie Spier regarding the scale of Russia’s actions on social networks aimed at interfering in the political process in the United States, Mueller emphasized the reality and the significant scale of the danger associated with them..

During the hearings, the question of the construction of a skyscraper in Moscow, a project related to Trump’s business empire, was also raised. Answering it, Mueller, as in a number of other cases, noted that this problem is reflected in the text of his report..

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