Riots in the largest cities of the United States: the National Guard was called to the aid of the police

Minnesota National Guard And Police Clash With Protesters | NBC Nightly News

Riots in the largest cities of the United States: the National Guard was called to the aid of the police

Riots in the largest cities of the United States: the National Guard was called to the aid of the police

A wave of violence, after the riots in Minneapolis, covered Atlanta, Portland, Oakland, New York, Washington and other cities across the country

Riots swept the largest American cities. At first in Minneapolis, peaceful protests turned violent, with the looting of shopping malls and the burning of a police station. Following this, riots broke out in Atlanta: rioters smashed police cars and the entrance to the CNN headquarters building. In Portland, Oregon, protesters broke into a police station, and hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House in Washington, DC, chanting curses at President Donald Trump..

Protest in Portland, Oregon

The reason for the mass protests was the death of George Floyd, an African American who was detained by police in Minneapolis. However, the situation is compounded by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic and skyrocketing unemployment..

As unrest spreads across the country, local authorities are increasingly claiming that they may need the help of national guardsmen or even military police. On Saturday morning, Georgia’s governor declared a state of emergency in order to use the National Guard to quell the outbreak of violence in Atlanta. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler also declared a state of emergency and introduced a curfew in the city..

Riots set fire to a police car in Atlanta

Minneapolis received 500 National Guard soldiers, but after another stormy night of fires and ransacking stores, Minnesota Governor Tim Walls announced that he was going to use 1,000 more guardsmen to suppress the riots and was considering federal aid.

Police confront rioters in Minneapolis

Riots also took place in Richmond, the capital of Virginia, Dallas, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland and other major cities..

The night turned out to be restless and in the center of the capital of the country – a crowd of protesters gathered near the White House, who chanted curses at the current administration. Several people attempted to break through the Secret Service barriers along Pennsylvania Avenue, throwing bottles, bricks, stones and pyrotechnics at police officers.

The crowd gathered on the night from Friday to Saturday in front of the White House

A press release issued by the Secret Service Saturday morning said officers had arrested six demonstrators in Lafayette Park and along Pennsylvania Avenue, near the White House..

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None of the participants in the riots managed to overcome the fence of the White House, but many officers and special agents of the Secret Service were injured, the department said..

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