Presidential Debate Commission will seek more order

Presidential debate commission looks to maintain more order at future debates

Presidential Debate Commission will seek more order

Presidential Debate Commission will seek more order

This opinion was reached by a non-partisan group that has been conducting presidential debates since 1988, after the first face-to-face meeting between Trump and Biden.

Presidential Debate Commission will seek more order

After a wave of criticism of the first presidential campaign debate, which took place on September 29 in Cleveland, Ohio, organizers announced that by the second and third rounds of debates, they will take steps to ensure that the debate between President Donald Trump and former US Vice President Joe Biden passed in a more orderly way.

According to Reuters, the hour and a half presidential candidates’ debates in the upcoming November elections were at times “chaos” and were overshadowed by incessant interruptions and “hairpins” that opponents tirelessly inserted into each other..

The Presidential Debate Commission, a non-partisan group that has been organizing them since 1988, announced the day after the first round of debates that it would try to streamline the procedure with changes that are not yet widely publicized..

“The debate the day before has clearly demonstrated that additional elements should be added to the structure of the format of the subsequent debates in order to ensure a more orderly discussion of pressing issues,” the press release says, and adds that the commission is “carefully considering the changes”, about which “there will be announced soon “.

Presidential Debate Commission will seek more order

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The process of the presidential debate in the United States will be changed



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During his campaign trip on Wednesday, Joe Biden expressed the hope that the organizers will decide to turn off the microphone of the candidate who should listen to his opponent’s answer to the moderator’s question..

“It was a national disgrace,” Biden commented on the course of the first debates and added: “I don’t even presume to predict what will happen in the second or third debates.”.

President Trump, meanwhile, lashed out at Fox News’ moderator Chris Wallace..

“Chris had a tough evening,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning, lamenting that it was “two against him (Trump) one.”.

The Presidential Debate Commission defended Wallace, thanking him “for the professionalism and skill he brought to the debate the night before.”.

Recall that Donald Trump and Joe Biden will hold two more rounds of debates, and next Wednesday, October 7, there will be a debate of vice presidential candidates between the current Mike Pence and his rival, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris..

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