President-elect what does this term mean?

What Does President Elect Joe Biden Mean for India and its Relationship with the US?

President-elect what does this term mean?

President-elect what does this term mean?

Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20 after the election results are confirmed

Democrat politician Joe Biden began to be called the president-elect. This means that Biden, who has been prominent in Washington politics for almost half a century, is awaiting the inauguration of the president..

President-elect – it is a descriptive term, not an official title. Thus, Biden does not have government powers and will not receive them until the moment of his inauguration, which will take place at noon on January 20, 2021..

US media monitoring the counting process on Saturday morning concluded that Biden had a solid lead in Pennsylvania, breaking the 270 electoral threshold required to be elected. Minutes after this was mathematically confirmed, news outlets predicted Biden’s victory..

This is why the media, including «Voice of America», called Biden «the predicted winner».

Usually, when news organizations make this prediction, the losing candidate will soon admit defeat and congratulate their opponent. President Donald Trump did not do this, claiming electoral fraud and promising to keep fighting.

However, Biden has already begun to prepare for the transition and is considering candidates for key positions in his administration. He also said that he intends to cancel a number of Trump initiatives in the first days after taking office..

Thus, Biden has a lot of work to do in the next two and a half months, although he does not yet have any formal authority..

Trump remains president until his four-year term ends.

The official election results will be announced only in a few weeks..

Election commissions in each of the country’s 50 states and the District of Columbia must officially confirm how many votes were cast for Biden and Trump. Many states are still counting ballots.

The outcome of a presidential election in the United States is determined not by universal suffrage, but by the Electoral College of 538 people. Winner of direct universal suffrage in every state – excluding Maine and Nebraska – receives all the electoral votes of that state, which in turn are distributed based on population size.

Voting in the Electoral College will take place in mid-December, and in early January, Congress will approve its results..

Trump has filed a series of lawsuits for voting and counting irregularities and is confident that this will ultimately lead to recognition of his victory.

At the same time, all leading TV channels and print media in the United States proclaimed Biden the winner..

Since Biden leads the unofficial electoral tally and is believed to have the more needed 270 votes, he is called President-elect..

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