Pompeo: Huawei’s presence in Hungary complicates US partnership

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Huawei is not being truthful

Pompeo: Huawei's presence in Hungary complicates US partnership

Pompeo: Huawei’s presence in Hungary complicates US partnership

The US wants to make sure that Budapest understands the risks associated with using the Chinese company’s equipment, the secretary said.

WASHINGTON – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warns Hungary that the presence of Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei in the country complicates the partnership between Budapest and Washington..

The head of American diplomacy arrived in Budapest on Monday, the first stop on his European tour. Huawei has made Hungary its European hub, where the company will be able to build fifth generation mobile networks.

“If this equipment is located in places where important American systems are located, it will be more difficult for us to forge partnerships. We want to make sure they understand the opportunities and risks associated with using this equipment, ”said Pompeo..

Noting that sovereign countries such as Hungary “will make their own decisions,” Pompeo stressed that Washington should share information on the potential risks associated with Huawei with its NATO allies..

U.S. officials are increasingly concerned about Huawei’s expansion into Europe, especially in NATO countries, where Washington believes the Chinese company poses a significant cybersecurity threat.

At a joint press conference with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto Pompeo said that in a conversation with a colleague he touched on the topic of “the danger associated with China’s getting a foothold in Hungary.”.

However, the US pressure campaign against Huawei is facing challenges. Hungary announced that it does not plan to revise the decision to conclude a contract with Huawei for the construction of next-generation 5G networks.

Many in China believe that the US government’s concerns about Huawei are at least in part due to attempts to help US companies better compete with foreign rivals. But the American authorities do not agree with this..

“It reminds me a lot of the reflection in the mirror,” Christopher Ford, Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation, said in an interview. "Voice of America". “The Chinese government was so grand in its ambitions that it did just that when it came to Chinese companies.”.

Ford pointed to numerous reports in recent years accusing government-backed Chinese hackers of stealing corporate secrets and financial data..

Pompeo: Huawei's presence in Hungary complicates US partnership

“Cybernetic theft of intellectual property, for example, has become notorious around the world. But the Chinese government has been doing it very systematically to help its leading industries in selected sectors gain an edge, “added Ford..

Pompeo: Huawei's presence in Hungary complicates US partnership

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