Nashville bombing: FBI agents search home of person of interest

FBI at home of possible person of interest in downtown Nashville bomb

Nashville bombing: FBI agents search home of person of interest

Nashville bombing: FBI agents search home &# 171; person of interest&# 187;

The motives behind the blast, which injured three people and damaged dozens of buildings, remain unknown.

Federal agents gathered on Saturday at the home of a man of potential interest in the Nashville bombing investigation on Christmas morning; the explosion damaged dozens of buildings.

More than a day has passed since the explosion, but the motives of those who organized it remain unclear. Investigators are working around the clock trying to find answers to questions about a recreational vehicle (motorhome) that exploded on an almost empty street. The explosion was preceded by a recorded warning urging everyone in the vicinity to evacuate..

The attack damaged the building of the telecommunications company AT&T, which still caused cellular and police and hospital outages in several southern states on Saturday.

Investigators from several federal and local law enforcement agencies gathered at a home in the Nashville suburb of Antioch, about 18 kilometers from the blast site, after receiving information related to the investigation, FBI special agent Jason Pack said. The building is a duplex – a house for two families.

Another law enforcement official, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity, said investigators considered the person associated with the home as a person of interest in connection with the incident..

Investigators say the man may have blown himself up in a car parked in an area full of country music bars and restaurants..

Federal agents searched the site and ransacked the house and backyard. A Google Maps satellite image taken in May 2019 shows a similar recreational vehicle at the site, but the Associated Press did not see such a vehicle there on Saturday afternoon..

Residents of neighboring houses said they saw a recreational vehicle that looked like an exploded-up car parked in the courtyard for several months..

There were other signs of progress in the investigation, as the FBI said it was investigating a number of individuals who may be associated with the explosion. Officials also said there were no other explosive devices, indicating that there was no active threat to the area. Investigators received about 500 leads in this case.

“We just need time,” Special Agent Douglas Kornelsky, head of the FBI field office in Memphis, said on Saturday..

Nashville bombing: FBI agents search home of person of interest

According to him, investigators will study everything thoroughly to understand who did it and why..

Resident of the other half of the duplex, Tony Rodriguez, told The Washington Post that he never spoke to his neighbor and does not know his name. He said he saw him adjust a rooftop antenna or water the driveway behind the house on several occasions. According to Rodriguez, the neighbor put up several No Entry signs around the house, especially where he parked his motorhome..

The only known victims of the blast were three injured. Investigators said they are working to identify human remains found at the scene.

When asked if the building could AT&T be a possible target, Cornelsky said, “We are exploring all possible motives.”.

Mayor John Cooper has imposed a curfew in the city center, which will remain in effect until Sunday, to restrict public access to the area. The decision affected more than 40 buildings.

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Nashville bombing: FBI agents search home of person of interest

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