Moscow opened for business and … a military parade

Russia: Indian Armed Forces Participate In The Gala Parade At Red Square In Moscow

Moscow opened for business and ... a military parade

Moscow opened for business and … a military parade

Some in Russia are wondering what role politics plays in returning to normal life.

MOSCOW – Russia hosts long-awaited celebrations to mark the end of World War II.

Kremlin rejects fears of ongoing coronavirus pandemic by organizing a large military parade on Red Square.

Moscow opened for business and ... a military parade

Tanks and artillery rumble through the streets. A sure indicator that Moscow is returning to normal life.

But this is not the only sign that Moscow is opening up..

After three months of self-isolation due to coronavirus, the city returned to life in time for a military parade.

This is a take on two Kremlin celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany, after they had to be postponed in May due to a pandemic..

Before this event, cafes and restaurants reopened in the city.

You can walk in the parks again, and, according to the new rules, it is not necessary to wear a mask.

“If the government made this decision, then it’s probably the right one … At least, I think so,” says Russian pensioner Vladimir.

This is life as it once was, or at least something close to it.

Even the leading cultural institutions prefer to gradually move to a new normality..

“You are not allowed to visit the museum without a mask,” says an employee of the Museum of Modern Art. "Garage" Igor Sonin. “We also recommend wearing gloves, but if visitors don’t have them, we provide them free of charge.”.

In another part of the city, in the Lenin Library, visitors must observe not only silence, but also social distance.

This even applies to books. Each issued book is sent to a two-day quarantine.

“We have to be careful about communicating that, yes, we are open, but that’s not all. Be careful, ”says Vadim Duda, Director General of the Russian State Library.

Significant signs of normalization are visible throughout the city. But at the same time, suspicions persist that it was not science that prevailed in the desire to open up, but the Kremlin’s policy..

Skeptics believe that Vladimir Putin benefits from this.

“I’m sure they’ll lock us up again after the parade, which is held to honor the president, that’s all,” says Svetlana, a Muscovite who did not give her last name..

Moscow opened for business and ... a military parade

Against the background of the resumption of socio-economic life, the incidence of coronavirus continues to grow.

The country has more than 600 thousand cases of infection, according to this indicator, the country ranks third after the United States and Brazil..

President Putin says the worst is over. According to him, the virus showed another example of how the country is responding to a global challenge..

However, the Russian leader is eyeing another delayed celebration – a controversial vote on amendments to the Constitution, one of which gives Putin the opportunity to remain in power until the middle of the next decade..

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