Moscow offers Ankara Su-35 instead of F-35

Turkey can buy Su-35s from Moscow if US doesn’t ship promised F-35s

Moscow offers Ankara Su-35 instead of F-35

Moscow offers Ankara Su-35 instead of F-35

Experts – on what this can lead to

Russia is ready to supply Turkey, which is a NATO member, with its multipurpose Su-35 fighters instead of the American F-35s in case Ankara goes for it, the media reported on the eve, citing General Director of the Rostec state corporation Sergei Chemezov.

“If our Turkish colleagues express a desire, we are ready to work out the supply of the Su-35,” he said..

The head of Rostec has been under US sanctions since 2014.

We will remind, the Pentagon announced on Wednesday the removal of Turkey from the program for the production of components for the F-35. According to US Deputy Secretary of Defense Ellen Lord, the American partners in the program agreed with this decision..

Moscow offers Ankara Su-35 instead of F-35

Washington took this step in connection with the supply of Russian S-400 air defense systems, which Ankara had long warned about. The Turkish Foreign Ministry considers this approach unfair and says that it will negatively affect bilateral relations..

According to Ellen Lord, the total losses of Turkey as a result of exclusion from the F-35 program could exceed $ 9 billion. In addition, a country that produced more than 900 units and parts for American fighters will scale back its production capacity, which will lead to job cuts..

Turkey planned to purchase one hundred F-35s. This deal is also in jeopardy.

The editor-in-chief of the “Export of Arms” magazine, Andrei Frolov, found it difficult to say how much Turkey is actually ready to buy the Su-35. At the same time, in his opinion, Ankara has no special options..

“In any case, today, both on the Russian market and on the world market, there is no better Su-35 among the mass-produced models,” he said in a commentary to the Voice of America. – Therefore, since Turkey was “disconnected” from the supply of F-35s, then by and large – if there is a desire to purchase new aircraft fighter equipment – there are no other good options. Because all other cars are still of a lower class, be it Eurofighter (Eurofighter Typhoon, joint production of four EU countries – VV) or any other “.

According to the editor-in-chief of the magazine, the Su-35 is a rather powerful heavy fighter that, to one degree or another, can compensate for the abandonment of the F-35. “Not in everything, of course, but in part,” he said. – This is a 4 ++ class aircraft, not the fifth generation. However, all these generations are a kind of convention “.

Earlier, the same Sergei Chemezov argued that Moscow is not against the sale of Su-57, fifth-generation fighters to Ankara. But, as it seems to Andrei Frolov, this is still a long way off, since the car, even in Russia, has not really gone “in serial form”

In turn. independent aviation expert, former design engineer of the Sukhoi Design Bureau Vadim Lukashevich believes that the Su-35 are more maneuverable than the F-35, but their avionics are weaker.

“But in principle I would not even compare them,” he added in a conversation with the Voice of America correspondent, “because Sushki are fourth-generation aircraft, albeit with“ pluses ”. And the main thing is different. If Ankara also starts buying Russian military aircraft in addition to the S-400, from my point of view, it will actually cease to be a de facto NATO member ”.

In fact, Russia used the opportunity given to it in order to weaken NATO, the expert emphasized: “In this case, it is important for Moscow not to sell weapons systems and get money, but to inflict damage on NATO. The North Atlantic Alliance actually loses one member in peacetime. Therefore, Russia can give the Su-35 to the Turks for nothing, if only they took them “.

According to Vadim Lukashevich, Erdogan begins to act irrationally on the basis of anti-Americanism.

“NATO is a system of collective security,” he recalled. – Therefore, if you are a member of the alliance, then you should have weapons from NATO countries, and not its potential adversary. At least in case of unforeseen conflicts “.

Therefore, the logic here is simple: if you start buying the most modern Russian weapons, you do not get the latest Western weapons, the expert summed up.

In Washington, among other things, they do not rule out the introduction and additional sanctions against Ankara.

Turkish political scientist Kerim Has in an interview with the Voice of America on this occasion noted that the talks between Erdogan and Trump on the margins of the G20 in Japan did not clarify the prospects for sanctions and the form in which they would be implemented. In his opinion, it is only obvious that they will and, of course, have a negative impact on the worsening economic crisis in the country..

“The negative consequences will definitely affect the military-industrial sector of Turkey, namely, participation in joint programs with Western partners, primarily for the production of F-35,” he added. “The country has invested about a billion US dollars in these programs and expected to receive benefits tens of times higher than the costs”.

Thus, if Ankara does not get access to critical technologies on the S-400 and it is excluded, there is little doubt, from the F-35 project, which is so important for it, the development of the Turkish defense industry in the near future may enter, to put it mildly , in the stage of stagnation, stated Kerim Khas.

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Moscow offers Ankara Su-35 instead of F-35

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