Mike Pompeo promises big announcement on US-China deal

Pompeo: Violence in Hong Kong would make China trade deal ‘more difficult’

Mike Pompeo promises big announcement on US-China deal

Mike Pompeo promises &# 171; important statement&# 187; on a deal between the United States and China

U.S. Secretary of State Predicts Deal That Will End Trade Disputes With China

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo expressed optimism about trade talks with China that aim to remove import duties.

«Our delegation has made great progress on this issue, and I very much hope that in the coming days and weeks, an important statement will be made.», – stated by Mike Pompeo during an interview.

The top US diplomat is in Iowa, where he discusses diplomatic efforts to advance American economic interests and American goods. Iowa farmers hit hard by U.S.-China trade feuds.

«President Trump was determined to secure fair contracts for Iowa farmers, to prevent the Chinese from stealing their intellectual property and to make it impossible for them to compete.», – said Pompeo in another interview.

Mike Pompeo promises 'big announcement' on US-China deal

Agricultural imports from the United States to China fell significantly after Beijing introduced duties on American agricultural products. Among the biggest losses for American farmers: Exports of oilseeds and grains, which are the main agricultural products exported from Iowa to China.

Having criticized «protectionism, rule breaking and government subsidies» China, Pompeo urged Beijing to adhere to «principles of free market and fair competition».

In a speech to the Iowa Farmers Bureau, the top American diplomat said: «China denies American companies access to its market… and makes it impossible for us to compete on a fair and reciprocal basis».

Chinese officials defend Beijing’s economic policies, which they say are helping the country’s economic growth and opening up in recent years.

A spokesman for the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) dismissed Washington’s criticism as «a policy of double standards».

Mike Pompeo promises 'big announcement' on US-China deal

«Some US officials question the so-called security risks associated with the products of certain Chinese companies.», – he noted, referring to a U.S. campaign to block Chinese telecommunications company Huawei over security concerns..

Pompeo’s visit to Iowa comes just days after President Trump demanded that China immediately lift tariffs on American agricultural products..

In a tweet on March 1, Trump said trade negotiations were progressing well and asked China to immediately lift import duties on US agricultural products. US President postponed his own plan to impose 25 percent duties on Chinese goods.

Trump said that a summit meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping will soon take place. According to the Wall Street Journal, the meeting will take place at the end of March..

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