Memorial Day is celebrated in the USA

Learn American Holidays – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is celebrated in the USA

Memorial Day is celebrated in the USA

Vice President Mike Pence pays tribute to the fallen military at Arlington Cemetery

In the United States on Monday, Remembrance Day is celebrated and the memory of the military who died in the line of military duty is honored.

With President Donald Trump currently on a state visit to Japan, Vice President Mike Pence laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Trump will deliver a speech on Tuesday to US military personnel at the Yokosuka Naval Base in Tokyo. Reportedly, the central theme of the speech will be «global partnership between Japan and the United States».

Speaking at a cemetery in front of hundreds of soldiers and relatives of the victims, Pence said the United States could never «pay in full» my duty to those who gave their lives for the country.

«We will never forget and never stop honoring their memory, – he assured. – Their duty was to serve the country, our duty – honor them».

Parades and celebrations are held across America on Monday to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of servicemen who gave their lives for the freedom of their country during its 243 years of existence..

It is estimated that 1.1 million Americans have died in armed conflicts. The biggest losses – about half a million people – fell on the Civil War between the northern and southern states due to slavery, which was abolished after the victory of the Union of the Northern States. World War II claimed the most lives in foreign conflicts, killing 400,000 Americans.

Several cities in the United States are associated with the birth of the Memorial Day tradition. It is assumed that the first event in memory of the killed soldiers took place several years after the end of the Civil War in 1865. In rural areas of the country, families often commemorated dead soldiers in late summer..

For a long time, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30, but in 1971, when it was declared a national holiday, the date was set for the last Monday in May. In some regions, an official hour of remembrance has been established. – 15.00 local time.

On this day, the families of the victims usually visit the cemeteries where their relatives rest, or watch parades. For the rest of Americans, this day serves as the unofficial start of the summer season: many use the long weekend to go with their family to the park or to the beach..

The annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle parade was held in Washington on Sunday, in which thousands of bikers took part. According to the organizers, this march could be the last.

The parade is intended to draw attention to the fate of more than 83,000 US troops who have been missing since World War I until the most recent conflict in Iraq. The list also includes 126 people who went missing during operations related to the Cold War..

The Rolling Thunder event was first held in 1988. Usually bikers gather in the parking lot in front of the Pentagon and then drive to downtown Washington via bridges over the Potomac River. However, Rolling Thunder CEO Artie Muller said that this year’s rally in Washington will be held for the last time..

According to Muller, he is tired of the bureaucratic obstacles on the part of the Pentagon: sponsors, sellers and other participants of the initiative are not given access to parking lots, despite the fact that the organizers pay huge sums for permits..

For many people, the action has become synonymous with the commemoration of Memorial Day in Washington..

President Trump says Rolling Thunder will always be welcome in the city.

«The great patriots from Rolling Thunder will return to Washington next year and hopefully for many years to come. This is where they want to be and this is where they should be», – Trump wrote in «Twitter», thanking the Pentagon staff for the fact that «managed to settle everything».

In an interview «Voice of America» Muller noted that the organization «ready to talk» with the president, however, despite Trump’s words in «Twitter», Muller said: «I think we want to go national». Local divisions of the organization hold their own actions in different cities.

According to Muller, for many participants, the annual motocross becomes a daunting task: «We’re all getting old and can’t go that far». And those who come from the West Coast have to travel 2-3 thousand miles.

The Pentagon estimates that there are 83,000 US troops missing. Most – about 73,000 – disappeared during World War II, more than 7,700 during the Korean War, more than 1,600 during the Vietnam War.

Trump said before leaving for Tokyo that he was considering pardoning several military personnel convicted of war crimes. Critics believe such a move would be an abuse of the president’s powers.

«We consider many different pardons for many different people, – Trump said. – Some of these people fought long and hard. We teach them how to be great fighters, but sometimes while they are fighting, they are treated very unfairly. So we will consider this possibility.».

He admitted that two or three cases cause «somewhat conflicting assessments».

However, Memorial Day has already arrived, and the president has not yet announced any decisions on pardons..

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Memorial Day Parade Held in Washington

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