McConnell: Republican Senators May Return to Obamaker Cancellation

Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Republican leaders hold news conference — 12/15/20

McConnell: Republican Senators May Return to Obamaker Cancellation

McConnell: Republican Senators May Return To Cancellation Issue &# 171; Obamaker&# 187;

This will happen if the GOP wins the midterm elections

McConnell: Republican Senators May Return to Obamaker Cancellation

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday October 17 that Republicans may again try to repeal Obamaker.

McConnell clarified that it will be possible to talk about the possible cancellation of “Obamaker” if the Republicans get enough seats in the Senate during the midterm elections in November this year..

McConnell also said costly Social Security and Medicare are responsible for the rapid rise in national debt..

Despite a majority in Congress and support from President Trump, Republicans in 2017 were unable to reverse the ACA. McConnell said the setback “was a Republican failure of the current Congress.”.

He added that if the Republicans had enough votes to restart the Obamaker cancellation process, “they would have done it.” However, the senator noted that it “depends on what happens in a couple of weeks … We are not satisfied with the way Obamaker is doing,” said the Republican leader in the Senate..

Democrats immediately criticized McConnell’s comments. Democratic Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer said: “If the Republicans maintain a majority in the Senate, they will do anything to take away health care from (American) families and increase their costs.”.

President Donald Trump supports ending the Affordable Care Act. Republicans call Obamaker “costly and unnecessary medical intervention.” Now, thanks to this program, about 20 million US residents have medical insurance, who previously could not afford it..

The midterm elections to the House of Representatives and the US Senate will be held on November 6. Republicans now control most of the seats in both chambers. Democrats will try to regain their lost positions in the upcoming elections. Americans will have to completely re-elect the House of Representatives (435 mandates) and 30 senators.

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