Joe Biden and Kamala Harris urged Americans to unite

Kamala Harris takes oath as vice president of the United States

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris urged Americans to unite

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris urged Americans to unite

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, now considered presidential winners after the victory of the Democrats in Pennsylvania and Nevada, turned to the Americans from Wilmington, Delaware

On Saturday night, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the expected President-elect and Vice-President of the United States, made a televised address to the Americans from Wilmington, Delaware’s capital, where the Democratic campaign headquarters was located during the protracted vote..

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris was the first to step onto the stage, set next to the Wilmington conference room. Addressing the country, she stressed that a new page was opened in the history of America today and thanked everyone who participated in the election campaign for their help in winning.

Kamala Harris addresses the nation after Joe Biden’s victory in the U.S. presidential election is announced

“I want to thank the American people – thank you for coming to the polls in record numbers,” added Harris, thanks to the people of the United States for the record turnout recorded in the last presidential election..

“You have chosen hope, unity, integrity, science and truth. You have chosen Joe Biden as the new president of the United States. Joe will become a healer, a unifier, he is a proven person who has experienced many losses and pains in his life, he will help to reunite our country, “said Kamala Harris..

Then Joe Biden, President-elect of the United States, took the stage..

“I will do everything for America to be respected all over the world again. It is a great honor for me that such a huge number of Americans – millions and millions of people – voted for me, ”said Biden, thanks to the Americans for their choice in favor of the Democratic candidate..

The President-elect elaborated on the problem of overcoming the split in American society, literally stating the following:

“I had the honor to represent the Democratic Party in the elections. But as President of the United States, I will work just as hard for the benefit of those who did not vote for me, as well as those who voted for me..

May the dark era of demonization in America end – here and now.

The refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with each other is not the result of some mysterious force beyond our control. This is the result of a deliberate decision, the result of a choice.

And if we can choose not to cooperate, we can also choose to cooperate. And I believe that this is part of the mandate that the American people gave us. They want us to work together.

And that’s the choice I’ll make. And I urge Congress – both Democrats and Republicans – to make this choice with me. “.

Biden called on the nation to unite, forget about past hostilities and begin to heal the wounds received by the United States.

“America has reached out to us and mandated us to be guided by the forces of science and hope and to fight the battles of our time – the battle against the virus, against systemic racism, the battle to save our planet and defend democracy. We must give everyone in this country a chance for justice, “said the winner of the 2020 presidential election..

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris urged Americans to unite

Biden stressed that he will now begin his work with the aim of “taking control” of the spread of coronavirus, without which the recovery of the economy and social sphere is impossible..

Already on Monday, as the President-elect noted, he will name a team of leading scientists and experts. They “will help translate the Biden-Harris COVID plan into an action plan that kicks off on January 20, 2021,” Joe Biden said, referring to the inauguration date of the new President of the United States..

“This plan will be built on a scientific basis. It will be built on compassion, empathy and concern, ”Biden said..

The Democratic President-elect also spoke about his vision for America’s future:

“I’ve been talking about the battle for the soul of America for a long time. We must restore the soul of America.

Our nation is shaped by a constant battle between our finest angels and our darkest impulses. It’s time for our finest angels to win.

Today the whole world is looking at America. I am convinced that America at its best serves as a beacon for the world. Our leadership is based not on the example of our strength, but on the strength of our example.

I have always believed that we can define America in one word: opportunity. That in America everyone should be given the opportunity to achieve what their dreams and God-given abilities allow. I believe in the opportunities our country offers.

We are always looking to the future. I see a freer and fairer America. An America that creates decent and respected jobs. I see America that can treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. America, which leaves no one. America that never gives up.

They are a great people, they are worthy people. This is the United States of America “.

Joe Biden thanked his entire family, his wife Jill, who he said will be a wonderful first lady, as well as vice-president-elect Kamala Harris and his entire campaign team, as well as election officials for their election assistance..

The Associated Press received commentary from the White House on Saturday night on news of Joe Biden’s election victory.

“The president will accept the results of a free and fair election,” a White House spokesman told the news agency on Saturday. The announcement came despite incumbent President Donald Trump’s refusal to admit election defeat so far..

The source, who spoke to the agency on condition of anonymity, added that the Trump administration will comply with all legal requirements governing government change..

Back in the morning, the largest American television channels and the Associated Press announced the victory of former Democrat Vice President Joe Biden in the US presidential election, after he received the majority of the popular vote in the counting of votes in the state of Pennsylvania, and then and in Nevada.

According to the latest data, Biden received 279 electoral votes against 214 votes received by the incumbent President, Republican Donald Trump. This is more than the required minimum of 270 votes for Joe Biden to become the 46th President of the United States..

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