India: residents of the village where the ancestors of Kamala Harris lived – a holiday

India: Kamala Harris’ ancestral village awaits election outcome | US Election 2020 | World News

India: residents of the village where the ancestors of Kamala Harris lived - a holiday

India: residents of the village where the ancestors of Kamala Harris lived – a holiday

Indian women say her achievements in breaking down barriers will inspire women around the world

After Kamala Harris, with her Indian roots in particular, made history as the expected Vice President of the United States, the villagers where her ancestors lived began to set off fireworks, and her maternal uncle from Delhi had to respond to numerous calls from journalists.

In India itself, a woman first took over the country more than 50 years ago, in 1966, when Indira Gandhi became prime minister..

In the village of Tulasendirapuram in Tamil Nadu state in southern India, where Harris’s maternal grandfather was born, there was a festive mood. Women painted portraits of Harris on the walls of buildings, children held posters with her images, and in the local temple they offered thanks for her victory, calling her “the daughter of our village.”.

Tulasendirapuram village in Tamil Nadu state in southern India

“Congratulations to Kamala Harris, the pride of our village, and welcome to America,” one woman wrote as the locals celebrated and passed out sweets. In recent days, the village has offered prayers for Harris and has closely followed the results of the US elections..

At the home of her maternal uncle, Gopalan Balachandran, who lives in Delhi, pride for her niece mingled with relief at the projected Democratic victory announced..

“I’m happy for Kamala, but I’m also happy for all of us,” Balachandran, 79, a former scientist, told Voice of America..

“I was worried about the direction in which the whole international situation was developing,” he added..

For most Indians, Harris’s path to the post of vice president as first woman, first black candidate, and first American of Indian roots epitomizes the accomplishments of the Indian community in the United States..

It was a moment that Balachandran simply could not have imagined when about 60 years ago, his sister Shyamala Gopalan moved to study in the United States, where she married Jamaican citizen, Harris’s father..

He said the values ​​Harris learned as a child were simple..

“Don’t judge people by what they eat, their religion, the language they speak, and the like. Basically, be human and there is nothing special about being human in our family, ”Balachandran said..

His sister always taught her daughters to be strong, he said..

“You are who you are, do not let others protect you, do not take anything that lies on the ground, she told them,” – said Uncle Harris.

Harris mentioned her Indian roots when she agreed to be a vice presidential nominee. In her speech, she said that she received support from her “chittis”, which means “aunties” in Tamil..

This connection with India was highlighted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he congratulated Harris on Twitter..

“Most cordial congratulations to Kamala Harris! Your success is a breakthrough and gives rise to immense pride not only in your chittis, but in all Indian Americans, ”he wrote..

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India: residents of the village where the ancestors of Kamala Harris lived - a holiday

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For many Indian women, the main thing was not Harris’s partly Indian origin, but her success as a woman in breaking down many barriers..

“Her victory allows me to breathe a sigh of relief that Americans have overcome racism and sexism,” said Rashmi Kaushal, a resident of Delhi suburb..

“I guess, that "madam vice president" sounds very good, “she added.

Uncle Harris said he did not speak to his niece after the announcement of the voting results.

“She will be so busy. I spoke to her with my family during a group call two days ago, ”he said, noting that he was going to come to Washington for her inauguration in January..

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