In Donbas, civilians die from shelling

Ukraine war: dashcam footage of shelling in Mariupol

In Donbas, civilians die from shelling

In Donbas, civilians die from shelling 

In Donbas, civilians die from shelling

From April 4 to June 20, OSCE observers recorded over 1,300 ceasefire violations with the use of weapons&# 160;

KIEV – In the zone of the armed conflict in Donbass from April 4 to June 20, 26 civilians of the region were killed, 21 of whom, according to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM), died as a result of shelling.

This was stated by the head of the OSCE SMM Yashar Halit Chevik at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council remotely from Kiev, the press service of the mission reports on July 10.

«During the reporting period, the SMM confirmed information on 26 civilian casualties, including 21 – due to shelling. According to the head of the Mission, during the same period, damage was also confirmed as a result of hostilities in forty public and private facilities, for example, vital civilian infrastructure, schools, churches, houses. He [Yashar Halit Chevik] called on the parties to withdraw their weapons and eliminate positions stationed in and near residential areas on both sides of the contact line», – reports OSCE website.

In Donbas, civilians die from shelling

In addition to the difficulties of living in the conflict zone, in recent months, the civilian population in eastern Ukraine has faced other challenges that increasingly exacerbate their situation, the OSCE said in a statement..

«The situation of the civilian population is further complicated by the fact that checkpoints of entry and exit are closed due to measures taken in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, people are unable to collect their own pensions or are deprived of medical treatment.», – stated by Yashar Halit Cevik.

From April 4 to June 20, the OSCE SMM recorded more than 1,300 violations of the ceasefire with the use of weapons that should have been withdrawn in accordance with the Minsk agreements. Yashar Halit Cevik said it is time for the parties to take action to translate their political commitments into practice.

3,094 military and 3,353 civilians

In the Donbass, as a result of the armed conflict unleashed by Russia, 3,094 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, and nearly twelve thousand soldiers were injured. This was announced on July 2 during an online meeting of the OSCE Security Cooperation Forum by the head of the Main Directorate for International Cooperation and Verification of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Leonid Golopatyuk.

«Defending its independence and territorial integrity against Russian aggression, my country has to pay a terrible price. As a result of the armed conflict unleashed by Russia, 3,094 have already died and almost 12 thousand defenders of Ukraine were injured», – noted Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Leonid Golopatyuk.

He recalled that the war in Donbass claimed the lives of 3353 civilians, and more than seven thousand Ukrainian citizens were injured and maimed..

Tough ceasefire needed

Executive Director of the Center for Applied Policy Research «Penta» Alexander Leonov says that in the conduct of hostilities it is impossible to exclude the loss of civilians.

«There is one option when it will be possible if Russia enforces a tough ceasefire. Obviously, Russia has such an opportunity, it was counted on when the Minsk Agreements were signed.», – says Alexander Leonov to the correspondent of the Russian Service «Voices of America».

He recalls that the first paragraphs of the Minsk agreements contain the need to observe a full and comprehensive ceasefire in the zone of hostilities in Donbass..

«But for all the time there was no case that the shelling was stopped for at least a week. It is necessary for the militants to cease fire, because the OSCE records not only the shelling by the separatists, but also their advance to the positions from which the Ukrainian troops left after the withdrawal of troops», – emphasizes Alexander Leonov.

The leadership of Russia bears personal responsibility

Political scientist Victor Taran believes that the party that started the conflict and finances the terrorists is personally responsible for the death of civilians in Donbas.

«And this – Russia, and it, and its leadership are personally responsible for the humanitarian losses that are now taking place in the Donbass on the line of confrontation. And it is this side that prevents the achievement of peace in the occupied territories.», – says Victor Taran to the correspondent of the Russian Service «Voices of America».

The humanitarian situation, he said, will not change in Donbass until the Kremlin stops financing terrorists and withdraws troops from the occupied territory..

The most mined area in Europe

Director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management Ruslan Bortnik notes that civilians are dying in Donbass not only under shelling across the contact line.

«In the Donbass, they suffer greatly from various kinds of explosive devices. Donbass –the most mined area in Europe», – Ruslan Bortnik says to the correspondent of the Russian Service «Voices of America».

According to him, in order to reduce the number of civilian casualties, the parties must continue the process of divorce of heavy military equipment..

«We need a large program for the clearance of mines, but also the continuation of the disengagement of the armed forces so that the civilian population does not come under fire.», – Ruslan Bortnik notes.

Those who believe that one of the parties is to blame for the death of ordinary Ukrainians, but advises to read the OSCE reports, which claim to fire on both sides of the contact line.

«We need to tell the truth and study the OSCE reports. A large percentage of the dead is recorded in uncontrolled territories, where the compactness of the population per square kilometer is higher», – Ruslan Bortnik approves.



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