Georgia Senate Elections and Biden’s Legislative Agenda

How outcome of Georgia Senate runoffs could affect Biden’s agenda

Georgia Senate Elections and Biden's Legislative Agenda

Georgia Senate Elections and Biden’s Legislative Agenda

The voting results will determine which party will control the upper house of Congress

Control over the Senate, and with it the likely fate of President-elect Joe Biden’s legislative agenda, depends on the outcome of the second round of Senate elections in Georgia.

Democrat Biden and Republican President Donald Trump will visit the state on Monday.

If just one of the Republican candidates, David Purdue or Senator Kelly Lefler, win on Tuesday, their party will retain a small majority, allowing Republicans to block Biden’s most ambitious goals. If the Democrats win both seats, then each of the two parties will receive exactly 50 seats. In this case, the casting vote will belong to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris..

Purdue’s opponent is Democrat documentary filmmaker John Ossoff, while Lefler is confronted by the senior pastor of Aven Ezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, The Reverend Raphael Warnock..

Biden’s win in Georgia by a small margin in November completes the state’s transition from a Republican to a vacillating stronghold..

A second round of Senate elections is underway as none of the candidates received 50 percent of the vote in November. Polls show candidates are almost equal.

Georgia Senate Elections and Biden's Legislative Agenda

Record 3 million voters took part in early voting.

Georgia Senate Elections and Biden's Legislative Agenda

In case of close results of candidates, the final results of the elections will become known only in a few days, and court proceedings may delay the process..

Biden to rally with Ossoff and Warnock in Atlanta on Monday.

Trump, meanwhile, will visit Whitfield County in northwestern Georgia, where Republicans are strong. His insistence, contrary to the evidence that his election defeat was the result of irregularities, raised concerns among some Republicans that the president’s most ardent supporters would stay at home, convinced that the vote would be rigged..

Lefleur and Purdue have tried to maintain a balance by supporting Trump’s accusations while at the same time claiming that they are the “wall” protecting the Senate from being taken over by Democrats. They portrayed their opponents as radical socialists.

Purdue’s term in the Senate ended Sunday, which kept him out of the Jan. 6 meeting when some Republicans try to block Biden’s victory certification, but he has spoken out in support of their efforts..

Georgia Senate Elections and Biden's Legislative Agenda

Ossoff, speaking on CNN, tried to dispel the Republican candidates’ claims of the “wall” by accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of “dismissive and disrespectful” towards Trump. In his opinion, this manifested itself in the refusal to vote on direct payments to Americans in the amount of $ 2 thousand in connection with COVID-19 and overcoming the presidential veto on the defense spending bill..

In recent days, Purdue has not participated in the election events due to contact with a person infected with coronavirus.

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