Does Moloch demand sacrifice?

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Does Moloch demand sacrifice?

&# 171; Moloch demands sacrifice&# 187;?

Veterans of the special services – about the case of Ivan Safronov

The Russian editions of Vedomosti, Mediazona, Meduza, Kommersant, RBC, the Russian version of Forbes and others published editorial materials the day before in solidarity with the journalist Ivan Safronov and demanding a transparent investigation of his case.

Recall that Safronov was previously a correspondent for “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti”, was a part of the Kremlin pool, accompanying the president of the country on trips, and more recently became an adviser to the head of Roscosmos.

The other day he was arrested on suspicion of high treason.

FSB claims the journalist was recruited by Czech intelligence back in 2012.

Safronov denies all accusations against him. According to his lawyer, there is no evidence of the journalist’s guilt in the case..

The FSB seeks to maximize the secrecy of the investigation of the case, forcing everyone involved in it, including witnesses and lawyers, to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

The trial on the measure of restraint against the journalist was held behind closed doors. Safronov was arrested for two months. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

In Russia, the number of “espionage” cases and cases initiated for “justifying terrorism” has recently increased.

The Russian service of the Voice of America asked the veterans of the Soviet special services to comment on the situation with Ivan Safronov.

“Now there are more and more fake cases fabricated by the FSB”

Opposition politician, KGB colonel Gennady Gudkov confessed in an interview to us that from a professional point of view he did not understand what the Safronov case was based on: “I graduated from the USSR KGB Foreign Intelligence Academy, worked in Moscow counterintelligence. That is, I have an idea of ​​how intelligence and counterintelligence works. But it doesn’t get in my head that Ivan Safronov could become someone’s agent. He is not admitted to state secrets and simply could not transfer the state secrets to anyone, even if he really wanted to, because he has only open information “.

If a journalist somehow gained access to a state secret, then all claims should be made against those who have to protect it, says Gennady Gudkov. According to him, a person who is not admitted to state secrets is not responsible for their disclosure, and espionage has nothing to do with it..

“It is not journalists who should be imprisoned, but those who have been entrusted with protecting state secrets,” he added. – We did not see any evidence, no evidence, the involvement of the Czech intelligence in any activity in our country is also doubtful. I think the Czechs are also perplexed by such revelations. Their intelligence does not work with undercover methods on the territory of countries with a tough counterintelligence regime (there is such a professional term). Therefore, only those intelligence services operate in Russia that have large means and serious residency. “.

The ex-KGB officer explained the increased number of “espionage” cases in Russia by the fact that the special services in the country were given virtually unlimited powers, which they began to abuse, including for mercenary purposes.

“Now there are more and more fake cases fabricated by the FSB, often politically motivated, as was the case in the 30s (of the last century – V.V.), when many were indiscriminately recorded as spies of the Entente, Japan, Mexico and anyone else. Moloch demands sacrifice. According to my value judgments, the number of the operational staff of the FSB (excluding border troops) is 65-80 thousand. And everyone wants to eat deliciously, to distinguish themselves in the service, to receive new titles and awards. In addition, the FSB today is also working out the Kremlin’s doctrinal order to preserve political power in any way, “summed up Gennady Gudkov.

“We have less and less secrets, and more and more spies …”

Former State Duma deputy, Major General of the KGB of the USSR Alexei Kondaurov also believes that the Safronov case looks suspicious and unconvincing. The FSB claims that the journalist was recruited 8 years ago, well then he could not have been allowed to access secret information, he noted..

“The version with the Czech special services does not inspire confidence either from the point of view of development, or from the point of view of bringing charges,” said the retired general. – In general, I’m sorry for the guy who got into trouble. But the special services need to show the result “.

Alexey Kondaurov also stated that the number of people prosecuted for treason and espionage cases in Russia per capita is higher than in the rest of the world: “Under these articles, it is very rare for anyone to be attracted to the USA, France, Germany. , Israel … There, if such cases occur, then they become a proverb in the tongues. And we have such cases put on stream, there are several of them every year … On the collegium (FSB), hundreds of those who are imprisoned are accountable to Putin. All this looks strange to say the least. “.

We have less and less secrets, and more and more spies, the veteran of the special services sneers. At the same time, he thinks that Safronov is unlikely to be released – even under strong public pressure..

“When they took him, they weighed everything. Probably, they still have some materials … But whether this leads to criminal prosecution is another question. They “reassure” the public by the fact that Safronov has been recruited by the Czechs and believe that this is quite enough. Now everything depends on how persistent the society will be in its solidarity with the journalist. I think this is a very important point “, concluded Gennady Kondaurov.

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