Coronavirus: a quarter of the world’s cases are in the United States

Global coronavirus deaths surpass 1 million — Here’s a timeline of how we got here

Coronavirus: a quarter of the world's cases are in the United States

Coronavirus: a quarter of the world’s cases are in the United States

Spain came in second in terms of the number of infected. In Italy, the number of doctors affected by the epidemic is counted

According to Johns Hopkins University, about a quarter of the 1.2 million people who become infected with coronavirus are in the United States..

The state of New York was hit hardest, with more than 3,500 deaths from the coronavirus. Health experts predict a worsening situation, not only in New York, but in the rest of the US.

But there is good news for New York. On Sunday, it became known about a decrease in the number of hospitalizations and a decrease in the number of patients who require mechanical ventilation..

“We are studying this situation seriously, because, according to the available data, we may have come very close to the peak, or this peak will become a plateau and we may have reached this plateau now,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo warned. on Sunday.

“Only in a few days will we know if everything will go up or down,” he added..

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump on Saturday warned that the United States would soon have to endure two of its worst weeks of a viral epidemic..

Trump says country will face “many deaths”.

American hospitals are battling coronavirus in a resource-constrained environment. Hospitals are asking for ventilators for patients and personal protective equipment for doctors and other nurses to prevent disease transmission between them and patients.

The total number of infected in the world has exceeded 1.2 million people, over 65 thousand people have died.

Spain, which came in second in terms of the number of infected, more than 130 thousand people, plans to extend the nationwide quarantine for another 15 days, until April 26. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Saturday that he will ask parliament to re-extend the quarantine, which was established until April 11..

At the same time, Sanchez noted that over the past week, the pace of the epidemic has slowed down, and mortality has also decreased..

“A light dawned in front of us at the end of the tunnel,” he said in an address to the country on Saturday.

In Italy, which ranks first in the world in terms of the number of deaths from COVID-19, more than 11 thousand doctors are infected. This was reported by the Italian National Institute of Health and the Association of Physicians. According to these organizations, about 73 doctors have died from the virus. Infections among medical personnel account for almost 10 percent of all infections in Italy.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is expected to make a rare appeal to the country on Sunday amid the spread of coronavirus.

The UK Justice Department said Saturday that thousands of prisoners will be released from prisons in the coming weeks as part of a campaign to contain the epidemic. In Great Britain, 708 people died per day, and the total number of victims of the disease exceeded 4300 people.

The French military has begun transporting patients to hospitals across the country to contain the spread of the coronavirus in and around Paris, which has been severely affected by the coronavirus. Military planes, helicopters and trains transfer patients to less-affected areas in western France.

In total, 90 thousand infected in France, more than 7,500 people have died.

In Egypt, the coronavirus was found in 17 physicians from the country’s main cancer hospital, who are quarantined, the Associated Press reports. Abu el-Qassem, director of the National Cancer Institute in Cairo, told The Associated Press that all health workers at the facility would be tested for the virus. Egypt has 1,070 cases.

China on Sunday reported 30 new cases, noting that 25 of them are of overseas origin. There have been no cases of local transmission in recent weeks, according to Chinese authorities. Beijing has sharply restricted foreigners from entering the country and flights from overseas in an effort to prevent a new outbreak of the disease.

Coronavirus first emerged late last year in China’s Hubei province and has claimed the lives of over 3,300 Chinese residents.

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