Chechnya: a new round of struggle against gays “who do not exist”

Russia Denies Gays Persecuted in Chechnya

Chechnya: a new round of struggle against gays 'who do not exist'

Chechnya: a new round of the fight against gays, &# 171; which are not&# 187;

According to experts, the republic is outside the Russian legal field

MOSCOW – In Russia, as in the rest of the world, people continue to express their indignation in public space in connection with the new wave of repressions against people of non-traditional sexual orientation in Chechnya.

Recall, according to the Russian LGBT Network, at least 40 men and women were detained in the republic without any legal grounds, two died from torture..

Residents of Chechnya were informed through human rights activists that the detainees were not allowed to leave the republic, their documents were confiscated, they were openly threatened with fabricating criminal cases against themselves and their loved ones, and they were forced to sign blank forms of interrogation protocols. At the same time, an information barrier has been created in the republic itself, and the work of independent human rights structures is paralyzed..

Opposition politician Dmitry Gudkov wrote on his Facebook page that “the hunt for people is again open in Chechnya.”.

“Not on gays, lesbians, Russians, philatelists – on people,” he stressed. – Once a concession is made, the assumption "well, you can use these", know: you will be next “.

According to the politician, what is happening in Chechnya indicates that in Russia “the state is being abolished.”.

“Well – here they are, your laws: they wiped the blood with them,” he turns to the legislators. – Is this not an insult to the state, Senator Klishas? Is this not undermining its foundations, which no foreign agents dreamed of, deputy Yarovaya? “

It all started with the fact that Chechnya was taken out of the legal field of Russia, Dmitry Gudkov stated..

Meanwhile, the Chechen authorities, with a clear eye, continue to deny everything. Their argumentation traditionally boils down to the fact that there have never been any mass detentions “on grounds of sexual orientation” in Chechnya and “could not have been”, because there are no “perverts” in the republic..

Igor Kochetkov, director of the LGBT network programs in Russia, said in an interview with the Voice of America that the Chechen authorities are covering up criminals with such statements “and, apparently, themselves.” According to him, the highest officials of the republic are not only accomplices in crimes, but in fact also their inspirers..

“Naturally, they don’t admit anything, and this is not surprising,” he added. – Rather, one would be surprised that the federal authorities are actually playing along with them. For two years now, Moscow has been repeating the nonsense that there are no gays in Chechnya, and other nonsense that is broadcast from Grozny. So already this is becoming commonplace. “.

But the most important thing is that the Russian authorities refuse to conduct real investigations, says Igor Kochetkov: “The recent OSCE examination clearly showed that our information, which we have been reporting all of the last time about the persecution and torture of people in Chechnya, is beyond question. they are authentic. But the federal authorities, unfortunately, do not fulfill their obligations to protect the constitutional rights of citizens “.

In the summer of 1918, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe unanimously voted in favor of a resolution requiring Russia to objectively investigate the violation of the rights of the LGBT community in Chechnya and punish those responsible. Recall that the whole world was shocked by the campaign against Chechen gays that took place in early 2017, which also led to casualties..

The new wave of violence against people of non-traditional sexual orientation in Chechnya, of course, was caused by the inaction of the central authorities, the director of the LGBT network programs is sure: “The investigative bodies of Russia do not react to crimes committed by the Chechen security forces. For many years, not a single criminal case has been brought to an end. Therefore, of course, the leadership of the republic and the local police feel their absolute impunity “.

The only thing that everyone in Chechnya fears is the anger of Ramzan Kadyrov, says Igor Kochetkov.

“Therefore, they (security officials and officials) will do whatever he says. There is no other restraining force in the republic. If Kadyrov set the task – “to cleanse the Chechen blood” of gays and lesbians, and he spoke about this publicly, then, naturally, they will obey the order unquestioningly, “he summed up.

In turn, the chairman of the “Committee against Torture” Igor Kalyapin agrees that the new surge of violence in Chechnya against representatives of the LGBT community is the result of the fact that no one has ever been punished in the republic as a result of past anti-gay campaigns..

“Moreover, this was even encouraged by the head of Chechnya, Kadyrov, who has repeatedly stated that there are no gays in the republic and cannot be, that they are geeks, and so on,” he said in a commentary to the Voice of America. “Of course, such statements are indirect incitement to reprisals.”.

Igor Kalyapin is also convinced that a “special legal regime” has been established in Chechnya.

“Everywhere, except for the Chechen Republic and partly Dagestan and Ingushetia, the situation in the country is more or less even. It is far from ideal, but, nevertheless, it is about the same everywhere. And in Chechnya, the siloviki and the Kadyrov’s administration can afford what no authorities and law enforcement agencies in any other region of Russia can allow, ”he concluded..

According to the director of the LGBT network programs Igor Kochetkov, after the events that began in the spring of 2017 in Chechnya, only with the help of their organization, about 150 people left the country. And no one knows the exact figure, because many people have left and are leaving on their own, without addressing anyone, he said..

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