Bill to increase payments to the population stalled in the Senate

Senate fails to pass stimulus bill in procedural vote

Bill to increase payments to the population stalled in the Senate

Bill to increase payments to the population stalled in the Senate

The fate of the defense budget bill also remains uncertain

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that the Senate will not consider a bill to increase direct individual payments to Americans from $ 600 to $ 2,000 anytime soon..

McConnell says there is no “realistic way” to get the bill passed quickly in the Senate.

Given that the new composition of Congress will be sworn in on January 3, will legislators have time to take any measures. In the absence of any action, the period for consideration of the bill will expire.

Democrats have long advocated pay increases, and the House of Representatives under their control quickly agreed to increase the amount to $ 2,000 after President Donald Trump demanded it..

The president reiterated his position on Twitter on Wednesday, writing: “$ 2,000 urgently!”

McConnell blocked initiatives by Senate Democrats who were trying to get a vote on the proposal. On Tuesday, he presented a bill of his own linking the issue of pay increases to two other presidential demands that Democrats are not happy with. We are talking about the abolition of the provision that protects social networks from liability for user-generated content and the investigation of possible violations in the elections..

McConnell said that “if specific households in need still need more help,” the Senate will consider “smart targeted aid” instead of “another flurry of borrowed funds reaching people who are already doing well.”.

Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer condemned McConnell’s decision to combine the three issues into one bill, saying that McConnell is trying to “bury the idea of ​​the $ 2,000 payment that so many American families desperately need.”.

Even if McConnell’s proposal is adopted in the Senate, then it will need to be sent to the House of Representatives in order for it to vote on the new provisions.

Some Republicans have spoken out in favor of increasing payments for families with a gross annual income of up to $ 150,000, which is about 81 percent of all U.S. households..

Bill to increase payments to the population stalled in the Senate

In particular, this idea was supported by two Republican senators from Georgia, who will have a second round of elections on Tuesday..

The Senate has another urgent issue related to the defense budget bill that Trump vetoed. McConnell urges fellow Republicans to vote to override presidential veto.

McConnell hoped to vote on the issue on Wednesday, but a number of liberal senators led by Bernie Sanders are blocking action on the defense bill in order to get a vote on the increase in payments..

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