Association of Federal Judges to Discuss Administration Interference in Roger Stone Case

Roger Stone Leaves Federal Court

Association of Federal Judges to Discuss Administration Interference in Roger Stone Case

Association of Federal Judges to Discuss Administration Interference in Roger Stone Case

Association members &# 171; concerned about attacks on individual judges&# 187;

The National Association of Federal Judges will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday after Justice Department officials intervened in the trial of President Donald Trump’s close friend, the head of the association, Judge Cynthia Roof, told Voice of America..

According to Roof, members of the association are “concerned about attacks on individual judges.” This will be the main topic of discussion..

Ruf declined to elaborate on additional details, but noted that the judges found it impossible to wait for the next spring meeting..

Last week, the Justice Department shocked the political and legal community by withdrawing a recommendation from its own prosecutors and recommending a lighter sentence for Roger Stone, who was found guilty of perjury to Congress, pressured witnesses, and obstructed justice in connection with an investigation into Russian election interference..

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Judges and prosecutors concerned about the attitude of the Ministry of Justice on political affairs



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Stone’s prosecutors recommended that he be sentenced to between seven and nine years in prison, which is in line with guidelines for determining penalties for such crimes..

However, after Trump outraged on Twitter, calling the sentence “terrible” and “unfair,” the DOJ recommended a lighter sentence..

Three out of four prosecutors retired from Stone’s case, and a fourth resigns.

Stone’s verdict is due on Thursday. Judge Amy Berman Jackson will decide how many years he will spend in prison.

Jackson scheduled a teleconference with Stone’s lawyers for Tuesday.

One of the lawyers said that the sentencing should be postponed until Jackson makes a decision on the motion to start a new trial, however

the judge said she would stick to the schedule. At the same time, according to Jackson, Stone does not have to start serving his sentence right away..

Jackson was appointed by ex-President Barack Obama, and Trump often criticizes many of the decisions and political initiatives of his predecessor. For example, last week, the president expressed dissatisfaction with Jackson’s decision to sentence former campaign manager Paul Manafort to solitary confinement, as well as the fact that no investigation was launched against Democrat Hillary Clinton..

Judge Roof says the Federal Judges Association has no intention of interfering with Stone, but supports Jackson..

“We support all federal judges who do what is required of them,” she said..

Stone’s case raised questions in Congress about political interference in the judiciary, which must be independent.

Trump last week thanked Attorney General William Barr for taking over Stone’s affairs. At the same time, both Trump and Barr deny that the president asked the attorney general to intervene..

Barr is due to speak to Congress next month.

More than 2,000 former Justice Department officials urged Barr to resign, claiming that his actions in the Stone case “openly and repeatedly” violated the independence of the judiciary..

Barr, in an interview with ABC News last week, noted that the president’s tweets “make it impossible” for his job to be done, and stressed that he “will not allow anyone to pressure him, be it Congress, the newspaper editorial board or the president.”.

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