Assassination attempt on Navalny: possible consequences for Russia

Navalny poisoning: Putin critic survived the second assassination attempt

Assassination attempt on Navalny: possible consequences for Russia

Assassination attempt on Navalny: possible consequences for Russia

According to experts, the authorities of the Russian Federation are afraid of Navalny as an exponent of protest sentiments.

There is growing worldwide outrage over the poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny with a nerve agent similar to Novichok. The poisoning of the oppositionist as a fait accompli was reported on the eve of the German authorities, based on the results of an examination conducted by German experts.

The White House expressed its outrage at the incident. The United States has no reason to doubt the German government’s findings, US National Security Council spokesman John Ulliott said Wednesday. He promised that the persons involved in the resonant crime will be punished. “We will work with the international community to ensure that these people are held accountable,” Ulliott said..

In Germany, at the official level, they started talking about the possibility of new sanctions against Russia, not excluding the fact that these sanctions will directly affect Nord Stream 2.

Russian authorities deny their involvement in the crime and do not want to investigate it.

Sociologist and publicist, former secretary general of the Union of Journalists of Russia Igor Yakovenko, in an interview with the Russian service of the Voice of America, notes that it is not entirely clear from the statements of Angela Merkel and other world leaders exactly what measures they are going to take in connection with the poisoning of Navalny. According to Yakovenko, an international investigation will be carried out, as a result of which the Western countries will develop a common position on this issue..

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The Navalny poisoning case: the reaction of the Russian authorities



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Assassination attempt on Navalny: possible consequences for Russia
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“I hope that the sanctions, which will obviously be adopted, will become somewhat tougher than those that have been so far,” the publicist added. – Among other things, it seems to me that Navalny’s list is needed by analogy with the lists of Magnitsky and Nemtsov. In the course of the investigation, it is required to establish those persons who were directly involved in the organization of the crime and its execution. Although it is not a big secret that Putin is the main organizer here. “.

At the same time, according to Yakovenko, the West is not ready to introduce personal sanctions against the Russian president..

As the co-chairman of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Valery Borshchev, emphasized in a commentary for the Russian service of Voice of America, the incident suggests that the Kremlin is not afraid of anything – neither international condemnation, nor economic sanctions. At the same time, according to Borshchev, one goal is pursued – to maintain power.

“Therefore, they demonstrate a willingness to go to any lengths – up to the physical destruction of dissidents,” says Borshchev. – Now it has become even more obvious. Of course, this depresses civil society. Now we will think about how we should act and respond to this “.

Today, it is those who adhere to democratic, independent views and are willing to defend their point of view who will feel in even greater danger than before, the human rights activist states..

“Poisoned,” he specifies, “can be almost everyone. All this testifies to the impermissible impudence and defiant behavior of the authorities, which, in addition, do not want to open a criminal case (about the attempt on Navalny’s life). Now they will start playing their favorite game: prove that you are not a camel … “

The experts interviewed by the Voice of America Russian Service correspondent are unanimous in the opinion that the reasons for the assassination attempt on Alexei Navalny are related to his political activities..

According to Igor Yakovenko, Putin looks in Belarus as in a mirror and, seeing the threat hanging over Lukashenka, realizes that tomorrow the same fate may await him. And Navalny, according to Yakovenko, may well become a real catalyst for protest moods in the country..

“He (Navalny) can take people to the streets in Russia,” the expert explains. – There are enough reasons for this. So, on September 13, on the Single Election Day, governors will be elected in 20 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and regional and city parliaments in other constituent entities. Of course, taking into account the state of Russian society, the possibility of an honest victory for representatives of the authorities in these elections is out of the question. To associate oneself with United Russia or the Kremlin means a failure. Therefore, there will be total falsification – not by 20-30 percent, but one hundred percent “.

Considering Navalny’s potential role as the organizer of the mass protest, Yakovenko believes that, from the Kremlin’s point of view, the removal of the oppositionist from the political scene looks quite logical..

Valery Borshchev suggests that Navalny’s poisoning is most likely related to the processes taking place in Belarus and Khabarovsk.

“The Kremlin felt that the population was waking up after a long hibernation. And Navalny is one of the most active organizers of protest actions. He posed a danger to the authorities. Of course, they are well aware of the fact that next year there will be elections to the State Duma. Navalny could go to them as a candidate, since his suspended sentence is coming to an end. And the oppositionist in parliament is a nightmare for the Kremlin, ”sums up the MHG co-chairman.

Assassination attempt on Navalny: possible consequences for Russia
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