Americans appreciated the work of federal departments

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Americans appreciated the work of federal departments

Americans appreciated the work of federal departments

According to residents of the United States, the employees of the Postal Service are the best at their duties.

Americans may not be enthusiastic about the work of Congress (only 20% of the country’s population positively evaluates its work) and the government as a whole, but at the same time, individual federal departments are relatively popular among US residents. This is stated in a sociological study, the results of which were published by the Gallup agency..

Source: Gallup agency

Almost three quarters of all survey participants – 74% – praised the work of the Postal Service. In second place in the rating of the popularity of federal agencies (69%) was the Secret Service, whose employees are responsible for the security of the president and vice president of the country, and also deal with the prevention of counterfeiting of money and securities. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), NASA and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also received high marks in the ranking..

The attitude of Americans to the work of federal departments, as the practice of Gallup shows, depends on the party affiliation of the respondents, as well as on which of the two parties at the time of the survey controls the executive branch of government..

Americans appreciated the work of federal departments

For example, Republican supporters are far more skeptical of the FBI, which has long been the subject of attacks from President Trump, while Democrats are far more supportive of this federal law enforcement agency. Gallup found that only 46% of Republicans received high marks from the FBI, while 66% of Democrats supported the work of the FBI.

Americans appreciated the work of federal departments

In general, Democrats tend to assess the work of federal agencies and ministries more positively when the Democratic President is in the Oval Office. The same rule applies to Republicans: they like the work of the government more if the White House is led by a representative of the Republican Party..

At the same time, the popularity of several departments, at least at the time of the last poll, does not depend so much on the party affiliation of the respondents. These agencies include NASA, the CIA, the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve Board, the Postal Service, and the Secret Service..

According to survey participants, three departments work worst of all: the Food and Drug Administration (only 44% of positive ratings), the Environmental Protection Agency (43%) and the Veterans Administration (39%).

1,024 people took part in the poll, which was conducted by Gallup from April 17 to 30 throughout the country. The full version of the report can be found here.

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