13 protesters detained in downtown Portland

Portland Protests: 13 Arrested After Groups Clash With Police | Sunday TODAY

13 protesters detained in downtown Portland

13 protesters detained in downtown Portland

Extremist, far-right and far-left organizations rally in Oregon’s largest city on Saturday

13 protesters detained in downtown Portland

Police detained 13 protesters in Portland on Saturday, organized by far-right and left-wing anti-fascism, CNN reported. Today in the center of Oregon’s largest city, political rallies were held by representatives of two rival forces – supporters of far-right organizations and "antifa" – this is how anti-fascists and ultra-left radicals call themselves.

Law enforcement agencies have coped with the task quite successfully, preventing clashes between the participants in the actions. Demonstrators were concentrated in a small area in the city center, according to a Portland police spokesman..

13 protesters detained in downtown Portland

To prevent violence, the police erected concrete barriers, blocked streets and bridges, and confiscated “many weapons” from the protesters – mostly metal bars and cans of tear gas. Hundreds of people took part in the rallies, police said in a statement..

Joey Gibson, leader of the far-right Patriot Prayer, appeared at a rally organized by his associates, holding the US flag and wearing a red baseball cap that read “Make America Great Again”.

“I’m just here for company,” local Oregon Live quoted Gibson as saying. On Friday evening, Gibson was arrested on charges of participating in the May 1 riot in downtown Portland. Hours later, he was released on bail..

Joey Gibson

The Mayor of Portland said that on Saturday, nearly 1,000 police officers will be guarding the city center order – that is, almost 100% of all city police officers. Oregon police officers, FBI agents and other law enforcement agencies will also be involved in policing..

The organizer of today’s rally is a member of the far-right Proud Boys ("Proud guys"), which human rights defenders consider a hate group. The action will also be attended by ultra-rightists from other extremist, racist and neo-Nazi organizations..

On the eve of massive street rallies in Portland, US President Donald Trump said that local authorities should pay special attention to activists of the movement. "antifa". On Saturday, the president tweeted: “The main focus is to make ANTIFA a ‘TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.’ Portland is being watched very closely. We hope the mayor will be able to do his job properly! “.

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13 protesters detained in downtown Portland

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